Trends come and go, yet over the many years Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo has maintained impeccable standards in giving you as natural as possible semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo.

Today I saw a beautiful Swiss woman whom I last saw quite a few years ago. Her brows were soft and still pretty. There was less brow hair but the tattoo makeup was still evident. It took a trip back to Europe to jump-start the need for new brows. Ideally refreshing after a year or 18mths can really make you feel gorgeous. Far less expensive too at our clinic than various beauty treatments elsewhere. We like to keep our special clients and know you nine times out of ten, want a lovely natural looking set of brows! This we can do. Something that suits you…not the same brows as everyone else.

As trends ultimately shift and change. We are always mindful that what you thought you liked a couple of seasons ago may be not quite right now, as complexion, appearance, hair, and life-style have gone through radical changes. To keep up, you will need a little help or a complete brow revamp.

We understand that you need a cosmetic tattooist who takes time and listens, and enjoys seeing a positive outcome with you.

Eyebrows are not all we do at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.