lip tattoo
lip tattoo

"I’m a first time mum and enjoy wearing cosmetics but am too busy now. I was presented with a gift voucher for permanent makeup and any initial apprehension was soon overcome by Janey’s approach.  My eyebrows were shaped and colour implanted to how I like to wear them everyday and the final result is soft and stunning. It makes sense to have permanent makeup to save time and money.  I also love this natural, finished look, with no apparent effort on my part…great when you’re a new mum."

Jessica Ryall, Nerang, Gold Coast.


"Janey has a natural flair and eye to what she does so well – Cosmetic Tattoo! I have had my eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner and full lips done by Janey. These are the best beauty decisions I have made for myself over the years by far. I feel confident and attractive in my everyday life with the careful work Janey did. Her listening skills, sensitivity, humour and professional expertise ensured I was relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedures, and the results have actually far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much Janey"

- Kate O’Brien, Benowa, Gold Coast

lip tattoo

Your first Visit:

Janey will make you comfortable and relaxed before taking you through questions regarding your health, and listen to your wishes regarding the new look you will create together.

Is it Painful?

Everyone is different, however Janey's long experience in releasing anxiety and apprehension coupled with excellent up to the minute topical anesthetics, will make any discomfort minimal.

Some people have a low pain threshold and others insist they feel nothing more than a slight tingling or prickling sensation throughout the procedure. Any discomfort is short-lived when the long term, ‘wash & go’ results are so apparent!

What about infection?

Please be assured that your health and safety is of utmost importance. We dispose of our needles in front of our clients and our quality equipment, products and hygiene are our No.1 priority.

What may I expect after the procedure?

There is usually some swelling and/or redness, but little discomfort directly after the session. Ice packs may be used for short periods and a detailed after-care sheet is given.

Initially your cosmetic tattoo will look 30% to 50% darker or brighter than required. This is because the pigment is initially on the skin, as well as approximately 1mm below the surface. On the 2nd or 3rd day, the area will feel a little dry and flaky. Within  5 – 10 days the true colour has revealed itself. This result is lovely and natural.

We recommend a refresh of your permanent makeup every 18mths – 2yrs or when you feel it is necessary. This at a reduced cost providing the initial work was done with us.

How quickly may I go out?

You may show off your cosmetic tattoo immediately! The procedure won’t stop you from having fun or going about your daily routines.  We ask you to take care of the newly tattooed areas however, avoiding sun (wear sunglasses and sun block), chlorine, sea water and saunas.

Is it true that I will need to return for 1 or 2 further sessions after my main/initial session?

As with cosmetic tattoo eyeliner and cosmetic eyebrow tattoo, a second meeting within 4 – 6 weeks is scheduled to discuss the healed outcome of the initial procedure.

This is also a perfect time to attend to fine details, design, and colour depth to your permanent makeup – or to agree that no further work is required.

Each appointment takes approximately 2hrs and the cosmetic lip tattoo procedure is usually a two step process. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your permanent makeup for years to come.