Simple words I know, but we at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo wish you the happiest of Christmas’s.

The year has brought all types of interesting and lovely people into the clinic.  It’s been a time to work more with Areola and nipple complex tattoo, Alopecia and Trichotillomia patients, and to talk with others who have various skin complaints that could benefit from semi-permanent makeup.

Always there are the daily phone calls from beautiful women who lament on having lost their brows over the years and want them back, after discovering such a thing as tattooed makeup.  There are the fresh faced women who want only a cosmetically tattooed smudge of eyelash enhancer to make their days.  And of course there are the others who are beyond happy to have lips as they once were (or better in most cases) with the soft youthful shades that just leave a hint of colour, definition and shape.

At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, we aim to give beautiful symmetrical brows and much improved eyes and lips that give amazing confidence to you. When you can be sure that your face is not going invisible after beach and gym, or anytime, and you see beautiful makeup day by day, it often seems something heaven sent.  That’s what our clients tell us.

At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, you are assured that your yearly or 18mth top up treatments are a fraction of the original cost.  This is a way of assuring that you needn’t delay your makeup tattoo appointments.

Do phone if you’d like to ask questions or have a free consultation.  Consultations can sometimes include colour testing and is always an easy time to find out whether cosmetic and paramedical tattoo is really for you.

Jess, as always gives you the best and most skilfully applied mink lashes you won’t be able to bear to be without!

Have an exceptional Christmas and extra-ordinarily good 2015!








Design is what takes the time in cosmetic tattoo.  It is such an immaculate business,  and rightly so – after all you and everyone else are looking at your face at least some time every day.  All faces are so unique!  You need not have beauty in the classic sense,  to be wonderfully interesting and gorgeous.  It does help though to have well maintained and well designed features to draw focus in a positive way to help others connect with you.

Your cosmetic tattooist needs to have an excellent eye for what design is just right for you.  At the same time,  your cosmetic tattooist needs to have empathy in how you want to be seen to the world.  One’s self esteem is easily shaken,  so good design,  shape and colour is everything.  Having said that,  it is also handy that you have good expectations but not unreasonable expectations.  That’s difficult sometimes,  but it can be distracting for you both,  and may hinder ‘the flow’,  so to speak.  Be clear in what you think you want, and if you don’t have a clue,  your cosmetic tattooist should be well able to demonstrate her skill and experience to you.

All of the above apply to semi-permanent tattooed eyes,  and lips as well (smile).

Jess does amazing mink eyelashes, expertly applied – and she’s a lovely lady.

Have a happy,  healthy November,  and we’ll see you soon!





















It’s nearly Christmas,  yes,  you don’t need reminding.  Book in for a free consultation if you are not 100% sure of having the new you for 2015.

Slip into a happy, healthy November month.




Remember, you most likely see your permanent cosmetic artist with uneven, shapeless or sparse brows. So ask your artist to brush your new brow shape on first and be wary if she/he does not spend adequate time in doing this. Do make sure you ask the questions you want to ask and do not feel in the slightest way uncomfortable over this. Ask what the hair-stroke tattoo looks like, if that is what you might be after. Ask your artist to do one or two strokes initially for you to see.  For certain, when you see how these look and feel, your confidence goes up several notches.  If you have a cosmetic tattoo artist who loves what she/he does, this will not be an issue.

Be aware that brows are cosmetically tattooed, for your convenience, and should be as symmetrical as reasonably possible.  It is usual to have two very different sides to the face and to have brows cosmetically tattooed as they naturally sit on the face, could be devastating.