As a last addition to our blog page for 2009, we’d like to wish you all, a very Merry Christmas and joyous new year. 2010 brings us new beginnings, full of hope and promise. May you all be guided in following special dreams.

Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo has often advised to allow plenty of time before special celebrations before embarking on a makeover. All for good reason, as a few days at least will make a fun day into a fabulous day or weekend. When every bit of flakiness has vanished you’ll feel, perhaps a little chuffed and maybe aware you are the belle of the ball, or at least tickled by your unsmudgable self-confidence.

Three special notes:

As a Christmas and New Year gift offer, mention this post and you will receive $100 off EACH procedure of your choice (does not include touch ups as a procedure) until the first week of February 2010.

Also, FREE until the first week of February – a BEAUTY SPOT created wherever you want it! No conditions asked of you on this offer!

To finish up on a different note – Please give a thought to abandoned or injured animals at this time of the year. This is the time when many vunerable hearts are left and wanting for new homes, and when country roads are traps for our extraordinary wildlife.

Donations or help is always much appreciated by Trish and Jai Jai incidently will remove and relocate the odd snake from your property 🙂

Safe travel, and all the best for 2010 from us at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.