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For MAY & JUNE take advantage!

Untill the end of MAY and until the end of JUNE take advantage of a lovely opportunity. Take $200 OFF when you have Upper & Lower Eyeliner Makeup Tattoo. Once top or lower micro-pigmentation is applied, clients invariably ask for more! To help take the stress out of this decision we will have you eyes looking…

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Corrective Work

Commonly, a new client phones us to say that eyebrows were applied too dark or badly shaped. Other problems include colour change or quick fading. We enjoy working with natural vegetable pigments, so that we don’t have those problems. This reminds me to say, yet again –  know your semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo artist. Word of mouth and experience amounts to a lot. When was the first…

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Mothers Day is on the horizon!

Remember giving or receiving a gift on Mothers Day?  The whole idea is said to have originated in Ancient Greece, with the Fertility Goddess, Rhea being honoured.  Beautiful reflections of love for mothers became known with varying stories all over the world,  throughout the ages. For example in the States, in  the early 1900’s a simple gesture of wearing a carnation was initiated to celebrate and…

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