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Outdoor sports and fun….and makeup?

Windsurfing, skydiving, outback driving and cruises! You tell me all about it as we tap in your semi-permanent makeup.  It isn’t actually permanent tattoo as all cosmetic tattoo fades to some degree over time (black pigment usually being the exception). So it’s November and only a few weeks till Christmas.  I’m seeing temporarily worn-out young and older ladies and men working long hours and…

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Is Cosmetic Tattoo You

What’s in a name?  Semi-permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation, hair-stroke tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, permanent make-up, embroidery tattoo, tattoo make-up, feathering, microblading? Yes they are all the same.   We are talking about tattoo.  The lovely thing about this specialised work is the colours and procedures are very different.  An artist of cosmetic or medical tattoo would not use the…

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