Windsurfing, skydiving, outback driving and cruises! You tell me all about it as we tap in your semi-permanent makeup.  It isn’t actually permanent tattoo as all cosmetic tattoo fades to some degree over time (black pigment usually being the exception).

So it’s November and only a few weeks till Christmas.  I’m seeing temporarily worn-out young and older ladies and men working long hours and fitting a lot into lives .  Yes, it all takes it’s toll and rightly so,  a freshen up and new makeup is all you ask.

But I have digressed, so back to outback driving and windsurfing.  I understand you want to stay attractive as you pursue these favorite things and not have your makeup sweat or wash off.  You want the freedom to casually wipe your brow with your hand, or put a  damp towel to your face without a thought!  The only answer is to go bare-faced or go beautifully tattooed. Cosmetic tattoo does that.

When your tattoo makeup is well healed, it is imperative to look after it with sunscreen, hats, caps or sunglasses.  Sun is harsh on just about everything.  With your care including cosmetic tattoo refreshers you will have all reasons to feel great.

I ask you to look at your makeup tattoo every 12 months. Makeup tattoo refreshing is not expensive if you are a client with Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.

Keep it all in mind, and know that if you start your procedures now, you will be right as they say, for Christmas!

Cheers and happy holidays.


What’s in a name?  Semi-permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation, hair-stroke tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, permanent make-up, embroidery tattoo, tattoo make-up, feathering, microblading? Yes they are all the same.   We are talking about tattoo.  The lovely thing about this specialised work is the colours and procedures are very different.  An artist of cosmetic or medical tattoo would not use the machines or inks that artfully produce pictures and scrolling on the body.

There is much skill involved in creating exquisite brows, eyes and lips with cosmetic tattoo. Look for a highly experienced artist and come into his or her clinic confident that your approval will be asked for before the semi-permanent design is applied.

Sometimes scars and  face structure present unusual challenges for your professional.  At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, we explain muscle and bone structure and rely on your intelligence, understanding and trust to continue.  Remember too, that the consultation is especially designed so you may ask questions and decide if micro-pigmentation is really you.  We as professionals also may decide whether we will pursue a client’s wishes.

Always take time to read your consent form .  We require you to let us know about ALL medications and supplements taken.  Do not take this lightly because you want hair-stroke brows.  There are some conditions we are pleased to explain why it is better to use traditional make-up rather than semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo.

Please let us know while making an appointment, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  We would rather you wait.   Anti-depressants and other important meds you need every day?  Do let us know at the time of making an appointment, and most definitely before signing your forms.

The surrounds are gorgeous and peaceful here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo and you will be treated like a princess, or in more and more cases, a prince!

Have a glorious October, and be gentle on yourselves as the end of the year is approaching  fast.

Have a look at the ‘Special’ page too.