That’s a good question.

You know, without a doubt you have thought and thought about this haven’t you?  Got brave or excited,  then thought of all the reasons why you shouldn’t have permanent makeup.  I encourage you to come in for a free consultation – so I can show you how carefully we approach permanent cosmetics.  You are never obligated to have makeup tattoo, not at all.

The nicest and most common experience is the client who has researched micro-pigmentation, has lamented to me before the appointment, on her thin, shapeless, hairless, indistinguishable, or uneven brows, or very ordinary eyes and lips, and comes in with an idea (but not necessarily) of what she wants.  From there it is usually easy to see what is going to enhance or transform that face.  It may be awkward if the client has placed many restrictions on what may be, or is just plum beyond nervous!  In this rare case I say it is not a good idea to go ahead.  I mean, do you really want micro-pigmentation?  Go away and think about it again.

So you the client is understandably fed-up with trying to manage brows, eyes or lips – perhaps with eyesight, health, allergies or time restrictions.  Actually, there are endless reasons why makeup tattoo is absolutely ideal in today’s world.  Looking at your face and knowing what is going to make it so much more attractive, in fact beautiful, is immensely appealing in itself!  The way we go about it at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo means there are no suprises, just gentle, little by little enhancement.

Today I had a lady with Alopecia book in.  I look forward to her smile as hair-stroke brows are created and eyes are detailed with great shape and colour.  It may take two or even three sessions, usually two, to achieve.  All my client needs to do is refresh her semi-permanent makeup again when necessary.  You see, cosmetic tattoo does fade.  Our soft shades used for lips and brows do require up-keep, as do the rich deepest shades that line and shape the eyes.  We recommend every 17mths or so.  You will know for yourself, as every skin differs.

From the time I walked into a tattoo shop in K Road in Auckland, and asked for eyeliner tattoo, I have always known  that one doesn’t need to be bare faced.  Not that the tattooist agreed at the time!  Cosmetic tattoo has come such  long way.

Do phone for a chat or consultation. Your brows, eyes and lips are no worse for wear than anyone else’s.  We at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo will Custom design your makeup for you to think about at your leisure – or complete the tattoo makeup in the following hour or two.

As a last note, I’d like to thank you all for the many emails I receive over the blogs.  I’m glad they help, and I appreciate you! Thank you again.

We are rapt with Jessica’s natural mink lashes, another reason to call.

Have a happy September, and look over our ‘Specials”.

All the best,