Thank you so much for a very good year. Why particularly? This year you have shown so much caring, patience, thoughtfulness, honesty and goodwill. I wish to thank all those who have trusted us at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo to give you our very best at some difficult times.

Tattooed makeup can take several sessions to achieve the most desired results, therefore it may take longer than initially expected. We do explain this. Still we can marvel at how you may absorb pigment like a dream . No two individuals are alike!

2020 has been an extraordinary year of appreciating new and old friends/clients… new machines, fabulous new pigments, devices and products that were the aftermath of delays and set-backs.

Here we are again at the start of a brand new and positive year. Please let us know how your Micropigmentation, and Plasma Fibro-blasting sessions are going at any stage. Let us know when you need a refresh or want to try something new. If your brows, eyes, lips or skin need a revamp or some change you cannot explain, pick up the phone…we will always listen and make time for you.

Beautiful semi-permanent makeup as natural as you want is here to stay.

Welcome January 2020. Have a fresh and joyful New Year all of you.