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Hello everyone,

Just to let you know that our  July offer, for semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo makeup is still going strong. There are always two procedures, the second session usually a few weeks later, where the original work is perfected. More on that soon.

Upper and Lower cosmetic tattoo Eyeliner is always popular, as when ladies come in for either, or, invariably they
come back for the ‘other half’ to be done. To make this easier, our lovely August offer is
available, probably just when you need it.

Not all upper and lower eyeliners are treated the same! Women do love black, or rich deep colours on their upper lids; but sometimes these are too dark on the lowers and do little to open up and enhance the eye. There are many variations on applying semi-permanent pigment but often the lower lids are made to appear softer, gentler or more ‘brushed’, or smudged, although sometimes the best look is little more than a pencil thin stroke. They are custom stroked to suit the face, and as individual as the top eyelid.

Now, why are there two procedures? The first one is almost like a rough draft although they can often look well finished. Still, after the second appointment
there is quite a difference. Brows and lids have thickened or are slightly less, or more, defined. Highlight or an extra colour may have been added, or they require a deepening effect. Always, less is better on the first appointment even if you are excited but not sure entirely what you want.

Lip tattoo makeup is often subdued but defined on the first appointment, only to be brightened or
enhanced again as you have gotten used to your new look. Layering colours gives a beautiful effect.

Singapore, by the way was exquisite, green and lush, eco-friendly, fascinating, serene, up to the minute, and so much fun. Women everywhere had beautifully designed brows – cosmetically tattooed.

Looking forward to seeing you, as usual!


An extension of the brows and lip blend cosmetic makeup until the 6th of June – one hundred dollars off each session.

Do look at past blogs for details of these lovely procedures, or let us know if you have any queries.



Hello again everyone.

This blog is only a couple of days after my Cancer Support Sisters story.  I did want to add that since there has been such an interest regarding  micro-pigmentation  I would offer a super special of Two Hundred Dollars off – not only for Full Eyeliner tattoo makeup (Top & Bottom) but also for Full Lips semi-permanent makeup as well, until the middle of next month. This month is already booking up quickly for tattoo makeup so just give us a quick call or email.

Do read previous blogs on semi-permanent makeup for both or contact us at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo for enquires.

The nights are a little cooler, and the days are stunning.  My favourite season!



For all my existing clients there is the offer of $200 off the re-enhancement of brow work done at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. For new customers do come in a chat with us about this procedure. We are sure you will be delighted with our eyebrow special for October!

One of the greatest things I ever did for myself was enhance my own full lips with cosmetic tattoo. What an extraordinary difference in what had been a nice but unremarkable mouth because of lack of colour.  I remember my father saying to me as a child when I was already interested in lipstick, “it makes your lips lose it’s colour”.  Of course I know that not to be true and probably didn’t believe it then, but what I did know was that most women look particularly ordinary without a blush of colour on their mouths. It is  a common observation when one has barely stepped into the teens. Somewhere along the way to and from adulthood, and  certainly during and after menopause; there is a noticeable change in the colour, texture and shape of the mouth.  

My client recently had her lips outlined and colour blended to balance and enhance what proved to be her best facial feature. The colour chosen is very natural and perfect for those who have scars or who need more of what they have. It blends with the natural skin and becomes part of you. In this particular case the result gave such an improvement that Jade could not wait to have the rest of the mouth cosmetically tattooed. Having already had her full  tattooed eyeliner finished, which gave her an elegance she had not seen before – Jade said the lips made her almost “too pretty”.  This comment was said out of sheer supprise when the implanted pigment healed after a few days.

The beauty of a natural lip colour enhancement is that one may just ‘be’ with it. It is an improvement on the natural lip in many of the various ways that one would want it. The vermilion line is the first to look worn and uneven with almost a ‘bleached’ look, and this can happen at any age.  We first ask you to draw your own desired lipline and we take a look at your favourite gloss or lipstick shades. Often ladies are not entirely sure what they want and will say “I want them like yours”. This may not be realistic as every lip structure and colour is different. The most natural lipline and blend, and full lip colour is ideal, certainly to start with, and gives a gentle but magnificent enhancement to the shape and colour of the mouth. Having said that, there are many beautiful shades.

Do have a look at previous blogs on lip makeup tattoo, and/or come in for a  free consultation.

Chat with us about lip lining, blend and full tattoo makeup for lips and be ready for summer!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


It’s fabulous when your clients are business-women, students and people who know why they have come in to  have semi-permanent make-up. It’s really special though when you’re client is a hard working young woman, getting a career together and is also raising toddler at the same time. My client a few weeks ago, phoned me estatic with the idea of having full cosmetically tattooed eyeliner done to save her precious time (something she has precious little of) and the logical plan of having makeup that won’t sweat off.  This was an especially good plan as she is in the fitness industry.

A lot of women come my way who are trainers, or who spend a fair amount of time at the gym. If you do like to look astonishing good (I know a few who do!) after a workout, do consider cosmetically tattooed eyebrows, and eyeliner in particular. These girls, and men are absolutely dripping afterwards and often like to join each other for a catch up immediately after training. It works well with cyclists and in fact any competitors of any sport. Imagine if your day to day work involves being submerged in water a lot of the time  for example, what a bonus makeup tattoo is. Teachers also love tattooed makeup – their students are often thoughtful as to why their teacher looks the same at the end of the day. Of course, I like this most – when they tell me that their friends, colleagues or students ask them later why the make-up is still on.

Back to the fitness freak, come amazing mum. The eyes were sensitive, but we have the latest in numbing creams and gels, plus knowing why for sure, she was here and that it was something on the ‘want’  list for a long time  made the first and and next session very OK. After the cold pack was applied and a rest time of five or ten minutes, my client was ready to go. Some swelling was present afterwards I was told, which subsided a few hours later. A text then came to say she was thrilled and ready for more.

To clarify this. In most situations there is very little or no swell. There are always exceptions. Lips do swell, and subside usually the next day.  Most girls make the most of the bee-stung look. If swelling is uncomfortable however, a cool pack  is most often the answer, and certainly, if  in doubt after browsing the cosmetic tattoo after-care sheet, do not hesitate to contact Janey.

For all the teachers, students and mums out there. Happy holidays – coming up!

Every woman has adorable eyes, and women know that well. This fact is apparent when ladies tell me how they want their eyeliner. This careful description tells me a lot about  personality. The eyes they want  are so true to their personality that they deserve the enhancement they seek, with semi-permanent makeup.

Women are so fastidious about the shape, colour and thickness of their eyeliner that it becomes very much a part of them. So much so that when the makeup is wiped off (pre-cosmetic tattoo) the difference is so huge that they will not venture out the door until it’s on! We all have our foibles and after all we are human as well.  I’ve always maintained that the best reason is the pure and simple convenience of cosmetic makeup. Remember the client’s husband who said “I’d have this beard permanently off if I could”.  It’s that practical, apart from looking awesome!

During the month of August, you may if you wish, have a complete eyeliner makeup tattoo with $200 off the finished work. We have some lovely colours and a new and wonderful tattoo numbing creme and gel for your before and during comfort. Look for testimonials in August referring to the above please.

Another service we are offering from now is after surgery Areola and Nipple tattooing. This is done with a 3-Dimentional Areola tattoo technique. 

This service is FREE. The difference in the look of the breast after this work, is uncannily real, with shading under part of the nipple to complete the 3-dimentional look. The total delight and satisfaction of once breast cancer patients is a wonderful experience for all of us.

Do not hesitate for a moment to phone to find out more about Areola tattoo.

Have a great August in 2011.

July has already been a busy month.

Several new clients and some of my established clients,  have been trotting around to different parts of the world lately. While they have thoroughly enjoyed their tattoo make-up for the most part, wherever they have had it done in the world, especially it’s convenience; there does come a time when they need a cosmetic tattoo refresh.

Sometimes I like to give a little incentive to those who need it.

Until the end of July come in and have your eyebrows revamped starting at $200.  If your brows have faded somewhat with all that sun, wind and other exposure (medication and cell renewel plays it’s part) then you may have wished to have come in sooner to re-state the obvious – that you don’t have to do much to look gorgeous.

Yes, it’s too often said that eyebrows really make the difference, and it’s easy to have the  “I’m so glad I still don’t have to draw my eyebrows on” attitude when really you can have so much more with a little regular upkeep.

The nice thing about booking in for another ‘polish’ is that you may decide to change your brow shape or colour. You may have admired someone else’s brows either in a magazine or in a store for that matter, and thought….”that’s actually what I really wanted in the first place”.

Sometimes semi-permanent  eyebrow makeup seems such a scary option, but you can get used to the idea of not having to apply brows everyday, rather soon! It takes about a week – the time the eyebrows heal from the first procedure

We are open for your convenience (mostly) on week days and weekends…. for beautiful brows!