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Suddenly Spring has arrived and there’s new optimism and ambience in the air. Even if you only have a few minutes to to focus on the gentle rays of sun each day – it makes all the difference to your thoughts and well-being! Oh, how I love Spring. The new season reminds us just how good, and changeable life is. We have a big influence on how the future is being moulded, even in what seems, small and insignificant ways. Ideas, grasp new life and new energy at this time of the year. It’s such a good time!

Everyday we at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo,  have the general public inquiring about brows, eyes and lips. The questions are from women of all ages, who have busy working lives and don’t have the time to wear makeup. Many clients, I feel, are secretly chuffed when their colleagues enquire about their hair or even weight in a positive way after having micro-pigmentation. On a clean makeup free face, semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo can look elegant and tidy. Your only responsiblity is to keep stray hairs from brows in check. Difficult sometimes, when the confidence soars and you don’t feel you have to give your face a thought anymore!

There are others of you of course, who welcome all the changes that semi-permanent makeup gives. the crisp clean lines of lipliner, the more muted and shaded lipline and blend, and the hassel-free all over polished look of full lip cosmetic tattoo. Each eye, brow, or lip procedure has it’s place, and we enjoy showing you and demonstrating the differences with brush and  pigment. In all cases of lip tattoo, lipstick bleed becomes part of your history, and easy application of new lipstick colours, if wanted, is evident. Many times, the thrill of soft natural colour, outweighs the desire to apply traditional makeup substances to the face. The timely splash of extra colour though, is fun and a real blast.

So, no-one needs to look ordinary, with the fabulous colours and many procedures possible with tattoo makeup. Do make the effort though, to keep your cosmetic tattoo freshened and altered when necessary. How long, after your second and usually final procedure? We never say for sure. It does depend on your skin chemistry, lifestyle and various other factors. We do know, that to have the softer makeup tattoo colours refreshed after one, two, three or more years, keeps you  looking young, interested, and interesting. Darker shades, may be highlighted, or altered as hair colour and skin changes require subtle attention. Eyeliner makeup tattoo, lasts for years and years.

Janey makes ALL procedures, available an affordable to you so enquire now as Spring has sprung!


December is usually an interesting time. There’s holidays,  family presents and gatherings to organise for Christmas and a host of other things that are important to you personally and to your family and friends. Here’s truly a time where there  is hardly enough space to look after ourselves. Still with all of this, December is often the last dash for women to have important other things,  like cosmetic tattoo procedures done. It’s as if a lot of the year many have been pondering over what to have enhanced with micro-dermabrasion and it’s often November and December it’s ” now or never”.

One of the reasons that women hesitate deciding about cosmetic make-up is that they think all the eyebrow hair is waxed away before the procedure. This is not true and most cosmetic tattoo artists are pleased to use all available brow to design the new eyebrows. Occasionally I have had my clients have all brow hair waxed off the following week. The reason they tell me is because they love the new design so much, that is all they need. Personally I feel we could keep what we have,  intact although in many cases there is no, or little natural hair to work with. Here lies just one of the beauty’s of semi-permanent make-up. When women   lose eyebrow hair early in their adult life, the perfect answer is micro-pigmentation to replace eyebrow strokes. This is done within a fabulous powdered,  feathered or 3 dimensional look.

 Another reason ladies are justifiably nervous about their brows (for example) is because they have seen incorrect shapes cosmetically tattooed. We at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo see that perfect eyebrows are very much in the eyes of the beholder, meaning in this case, you the client.

 Another fear of the semi-permanent tattoo procedure  is, “will it all hurt”. We go out of our way to make sure you’re comfort is a prime concern. Now, I’m not going to say it just feels like a tickle initially. Everyone’s pain threshold varies, but when you know what you want and expect gorgeous brows, eyes and lips, somehow you settle in and wait till our cosmetic tattoo numbing gels and cremes make your makeup tattoo procedure comfortable. Then you wait just a few more days and remember why you made the effort. 

Jessica will be looking after appointments until the 16th December and will give you her own experience of semi-permanent tattoo if you are interested.

Christmas is coming up soon!

I had finished a session with a lovely client a little while ago. Her husband noticed the colour perfect, symmetrical eyebrows and commented “you women are so vain!” It’s an interesting comment because while there are extremes to anything, is it really vanity to want to make life easier in dressing ourselves, our faces included? It made me think of why I chose semi-permanent makeup for myself and quickly endorsed the idea for others. For me, truely it is convenience, convenience, convenience. It’s not about glamour, or preening in the mirror constantly. Rather, it’s the opposite! Being confident that your make-up has stayed in the same place since last year is one good reason alone, to choose cosmetic tattoo over conventional make-up.

We chatted a little more about this and John suddenly said something like “well, you know, if I didn’t have to shave everyday…I’d be pretty pleased about that”. This was a good analogy and for sure, it must be so tiresome to smooth gel or creme and then a razor over the face 365 days a year. Cosmetic Tattoo can allow you to be a little lazy, and in fact you can almost take you new found beauty for granted. 

Just a note too that the bold, defined brow is a beauty mainstay at present. I’ve had a few younger women mention Megan Fox’s eyebrows when explaining what they require. Personally I feel, you can’t go past a unique or classic style that flatters you, giving you character, expresssion and definition with custom blended pigments again, to suit you perfectly. You may wish a powdered soft effect, a beautiful 3D hair by hair finish, or a natural hairstroke placement. You may, without a doubt, want Megan Fox’s brows!

It’s all up to you, or a little help from me.

We couldn’t have arrived in London at a better time. It was very late in the evening and so warm and pleasant but it was in the following daylight that we saw the trees were just budding with blossoms. Over the next several days they would burst with colour.   

We drove from London to Norfolk – the Nelson Country and the flattest land in England, to the Northern tip of Britain, stopping at a church built in Sunderland in 700 and visiting ancient walls and castles. It was gobsmacking even if you have visited England before.  From there we travelled to Penzance, the Pirate country with real (dressed up) pirates, taking in a good glimpse of South Wales on the way. In between were countless small and even tiny villages and townships that were exquisite and as individual  as the accents of the folk who lived there. 

The food? There was no such thing as plain old fish & chips. No, this is a nation that knows how to cook even the simpliest of fare. We sought out and sampled it all! Cornish pasties, pies and Yorkshire puddings and fruits in season. Those fish and chips still won the day! I noticed a common thread. The best produced goods came from where it was grown, harvested,  prepared and sold. For example there is nothing like the Balti pies from the North,  kippers from Craister,  Mead from Lindisfarne, and Devonshire Teas from, well ok, Devon.

Why, you may ask, am I going on about this? With all the clinics and salons, from Harley Street, London to the far North and St.Ives in the South, one thing was apparent. Wherever colour implant procedures were performed in an environment that specialized as such, the results were more thorough, artistic and pleasing. Cosmetic tattoo, takes years to master. Your semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo artist must love the work he or she does and will want to see the best results attained.  Apart from an ultra clean environment and excellent materials, do find a cosmetic tattoo artist who values you and therefore values the appeal of  the work as well.

Phone me regarding any queries,  photos, new techniques – or to arrange a chat over (Devonshire) tea.

until next time,


As a last addition to our blog page for 2009, we’d like to wish you all, a very Merry Christmas and joyous new year. 2010 brings us new beginnings, full of hope and promise. May you all be guided in following special dreams.

Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo has often advised to allow plenty of time before special celebrations before embarking on a makeover. All for good reason, as a few days at least will make a fun day into a fabulous day or weekend. When every bit of flakiness has vanished you’ll feel, perhaps a little chuffed and maybe aware you are the belle of the ball, or at least tickled by your unsmudgable self-confidence.

Three special notes:

As a Christmas and New Year gift offer, mention this post and you will receive $100 off EACH procedure of your choice (does not include touch ups as a procedure) until the first week of February 2010.

Also, FREE until the first week of February – a BEAUTY SPOT created wherever you want it! No conditions asked of you on this offer!

To finish up on a different note – Please give a thought to abandoned or injured animals at this time of the year. This is the time when many vunerable hearts are left and wanting for new homes, and when country roads are traps for our extraordinary wildlife.

Donations or help is always much appreciated by Trish and Jai Jai incidently will remove and relocate the odd snake from your property 🙂

Safe travel, and all the best for 2010 from us at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.


Hi Janey,

I realize this offering is a little random!! , however I would very much like to share this short video with you, featuring an amazing guy by the name of Benjamin Zander. ( Conducter and speaker) You may or may not be familiar with him in the music world, however, I think everyone should watch this little gem. The video is about 5 minutes long, ( just click the blue link below) and if you get the chance to watch this in total peace and quiet, that would be perfect. His enthusiasm reminded me of your passion also for life, work, family and doing ones level best!

The guy is clearly a musical genius, but also an individual who rocks compassion. I hope you enjoy these poignant moment as much as I did.

Have a lovely day!


Carolanne x