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Cosmetic tattoo can help you feel more confident about your appearance. To know you have even a little added makeup can be a major plus to most women. It shows you care about your appearance. Even better is when your makeup is semi-permanent that won’t smear, smudge or wipe off.

Having the ability to look your best all the time can give you a boost of self-esteem and make you feel more attractive and stylish without focused effort. To have eyebrows regularly symmetrical for example, can ease stress since the results are semi-permanent. You don’t have to worry about having to apply makeup every morning before you head out, although you can add more colour and definition to certain parts of your face depending on the occasion. Semi-permanent makeup can also help camouflage scars and abnormalities that you want to hide. This can make you feel more secure in your own skin and help you to express yourself in ways that you never thought would be possible.

On a daily basis, heavy makeup is a thing of the past. This year subtle colour and styled makeup that doesn’t wipe or wash away could be your answer.

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We wish all of you a very lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

For those of you who had a difficult and even devastating 2022, we wish you success, peace and light as we welcome Christmas and the New Year.

Thank you and see you soon.


It is becoming less often that you see really pretty and natural looking brows, ones that are tattooed.

Granted most of you want natural looking makeup, perfect for the cosmetically tattooed inclined. To achieve that look you do need to see an artist who has had many years experience. We as professionals need to know what you envisage for yourself. If you are not sure and just want really good eyebrows then leave the design to us. We have your interests at heart. The first part of the procedure is the consultation. This is where we can design and sketch on your brow area, brows that flatter and highlight your best features (which may be your eyebrows).

Keep in mind that we are not magicians, and beauty does not happen overnight as they say. Allow a second and sometimes a third procedure depending what is required and ‘TIME’. Have realistic expectations and take notice of what your cosmetic tattoo artistic is explaining to you, wanting to clarify from you. For example; certain skin conditions, things we have to know. We can only rely on what we have been shown and are told. A good example for those wanting lip tattoo is that we know no-one forgets a fever blister or cold sore, whenever it was. It’s up to you to make sure we know so we can advise before procedure not after. This is your responsibility.

By and large we find you are aware, mature and want to adhere to the written advice and aftercare instructions given. Most of you know that a gentler, softer look is far more attractive, especially when you see that cosmetic tattoo on it’s own can be gorgeous. Played up, it can be stunning when the time is right. Brows, eyes and lips will be properly shaped and symmetrical with the skill of your artist to be added to or not.

Upkeep is important. We say each year at the same time is brilliant and easy for you to organise. Some tattooed makeup lasts longer on different individuals. I love the convenience on myself and have done for so many years.

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Brows have to be number one here – why? because making new eyebrows every morning seems to be the most frustratingly annoying and anxiety producing part of most women’s makeup regime 🙂

So much better to have a lovely natural brow that suits you, that will look good on you and help bless your days, even when certain other ‘looks’ have faded to oblivion.

At Gentle Cosmetic tattoo, we have seen trends come and go, shapes that have seen better days. We are able to gently lift out or correct dubious colour choices from your brows with suggested options.

Hair-stroke simulation is still a great favourite, 3D artistry incorporated via hair-stroke (feathering) and a powder finish works well for some. Natural Vegetable pigments from the U.S have proven to last and last. They fade over time beautifully and naturally.

Please be patient after deciding on micropigmentation. Skin varies enormously from person to person. Genetics, age, skin type, medications, circulation, bruising and expectation all plays a part in healing. We welcome your questions and expect you to come in for the initial treatment, followed by at least one, sometimes two added visits.

Eyebrow tattoo procedures can give your brows symmetry, shape and life to your face whilst being less expensive here than other beauty treatments, it takes much of the guesswork out of your morning.

Prices are listed and include an in-depth consultation (talking, listening, drawing brow shape with colour) topical anaesthetic, and initial tattoo procedure and resting with a cold pack.

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The most sought after look in the business of Cosmetic and Medical tattoo is a a flawless natural look. Natural is not always required though. A soft velvety lip tattoo is an amazing look or a darker blush ideally works with a previously weak or non lip-line.

With fashion being just that, ‘Fashion’ you cannot go wrong with a natural individual hair-stroked (feathered) brow procedure. Natural vegetable pigments from the U.S. consistently give a great look that gradually fades as all tattoo does, but minus the odd residue we sometimes see on friends and strangers.

Once you have a great pair of brows, you may play them up till your heart’s content. The same goes for eye-liner, exaggerated wings and flicks can be whipped on for special events. Tattooed on…I can tell you from experience the ‘extras’ can drop as we age. Panic not! Tattoo removal here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is the answer.

Once lip tattoo is within the lip membrane, healed and at it’s final stage of transformation, you may wear any lip colour if and when you choose.

We use excellent brands of pigments for different purposes.

Phone us for a chat if you like. Questions welcomed.



…especially when they are cosmetically tattooed. Considering that temporary beauty marks were around in Roman times, they would surely have been seen as attractive to many. In fact Roman woman sometimes wore several!

So here we are in 2022, the cosmetic tattoo spot may be simpler and more alluring for these times, by being thought about more as a semi-permanent asset to the face.

In olden times beauty marks were fanciful, elaborate and could really be quite large. Black being the most sought after colour, being artistic and dramatic as eyeliner tattoo is around the eyes today, although other colours that enhanced the eyes were favoured as well.

So what could a beauty spot do for you. You may intuitively know where it might be placed.

Let’s look at what a beauty spot may depict.

Faces can suddenly seem more flirtatious with a choice beauty spot at the lower corner or above the mouth. A little this way, or a little that way. Warmly bronzed or darker or hardly there. Shade and size makes all the difference. All around the mouth and laughter lines we see playfulness and fun.

Under the eye…passionate! On the cheek, gallant and above the brow shall we say, dignified. The third eye area is without question majestic.

You can see why some of you might want more than one, and sometimes this works. But probably no more please :))

For pretty shaded lip tattoo, no lipstick bleed, more mouth in the nicest way, corrections of past good ideas or mistakes, please call us. We love to see super natural micro-shaded and bladed brows and like to hear ideas you may have for eyeliner tattooed especially for your eyes.

Cheers and best wishes for 2022,


Happy New Year all of you! Thank you, and thank you again for being the kind of people we love to meet.

Your kindness, patience, open-ness and humour has shined through, making the sometimes rocky road of 2021 interesting and rewarding in the world of cosmetic and medical tattoo.

We particularly wish you a fulfilling and uplifting year with the many changes that we all may encounter.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

We shall see you in 2022.

Love, good wishes and Cheers for Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.


You have thought about cosmetic tattoo for a long time now. Or you’ve been looking at someone else’s flawless makeup day after day and now it’s your turn, right? I hear this all the time! My clients often say to me, “I have wanted to do this for so long”….and later, “why didnt I do this years ago?” 

The following pre-care notes are valuable in helping with your decision to go ahead with semi-permanent tattoo as it is known in Australia.

First I’d like to say that  there are certain young people under 18yrs old out there who would like this specialised makeup, but unless there are special circumstances and you have your physician’s advice this is a no, no. For most other individuals, if you have a confident sense of self, are mentally and emotionally prepared, and really want this for you, then step right up!

Always prior to treatment, keep your skin free of skin medications. Skip Retin A, Glycolic Acid or other treatments prior to this work. Wait 48hrs before waxing, tinting lashes and brows, electrolysis or lash perming. Although I have eyelined a lovely client who is never without her eyelash extensions, I have asked her to come to her second appointment with bare eyelids, for maximum colour implantation close to the lash line. Clients sometimes prefer a good tattooed eye-liner or lash enhancement to continuing with lashes every few days or weeks.

Contact lenses are shelved for a couple of days or more  if possible…..bring along your specs for your first appointment. 

Need antibiotics prior to going off to the dentist? Chances are you may need them before these procedures too.  Be cleared by your doctor first please.

Are you regularly taking Vitamin E, Niacin, St. John’s Wort, Ginko biloba? It is advised to halt those for 3 or 4 days as well, if you can. Let me be aware of supplemented foods or if your diet is rich in certain fruits, vegetables or beverages.

It’s an idea to schedule your procedures after your menstrual period, that’s if you’re prone to extra sensitivity.  When you feel your best and are in good health that’s always the right time for colour implants.

An easy bruiser? Arnica tablets before eyeliner treatments are often swear-bys. Blood thinners are also not designed to make cosmetic tattooing easy. Again, talk to your doctor – it may be you are not  a suitable candidate. Asprin or Ibuprofen can promote bleeding, so choose Panadol or similar an hour before, if you feel you’d  like to. Remember we are able to advise.  Alcohol and any strong stimulants are hopelessly effective blood thinners

Medical conditions such as hepatitis, type1 diabetes, heart concerns, psoriasis or any blood borne communicable diseases – please advise, you may or may not be suitable for these treatments.

Wait until pregnancy and breast feeding are over. Believe me, the convenience is worth the waiting!

Lip blushing, lip-line and blending, or any lip tattoo can mean cold sores, fever or sun blisters. They will surely be activated by trauma or stress to the skin if you are prone to outbreaks. There are ani-viral medications such as L-Lysine which are taken for 2 wks before treatment, a double dose on the day and the following 7days. Alternatively there is Zovirax ointment or Vectavir cream which again counteract or minimise the occurrence of the above. 

Cosmetic tattoo is very safe and allergic reactions are rare. If you do suffer allergies however, we are able to perform a  test well prior to treatment.

As you read through the above, you’ll see the advice is common sense, but do take it seriously to be prepared.

See you soon!

It’s an interesting one, and in regards to cosmetic tattoo, I have had different thoughts about it over the years. It’s important to know how you are thinking when you come in for your consultation over this too. The first part of the usual two hour micropigmentation appointment may be full of questions/answers and sketching.

Many of you come in because you wish for natural hair like strokes to fill brows, a whisper of extra colour on your lips, defined lower lashes… or just a beauty spot!

I see so much work from various places that need correction. Skin is not an easy medium to beautify with tattoo, unless one has had many years experience and all too often a lovely face shouts ‘too much!’ However here, with patience, there is usually a way to rectify.

This brings me back to the original query “When is less more?” When you look and feel special with a just fine liner on your upper lashes. Ditto on your lower lash line or partly across your lower lashes as well. Less can give you so much more.

Brows are stunning when symmetrical but still natural with hair-strokes and powdery to finish the process a few weeks later. Here, less is more.

Lip shading, blushing, tattooing, can take your confidence much further when they are defined and colour blended to soften the whole look. What I like to see now are lips that are fully enhanced with shade and shape. An example of more really is more.

Be ready for Christmas. Nil checking if the wine glass has more lipstick than you, or if the Xmas pud has whipped away the very last of the lip line you took ages to get right!



Various cosmetic tattoo procedures for lips come with various names. When you come in for lip colour tattooed on your lips, you will have most likely thought about it for ages before your appointment. It is important to have an idea of how you like to see your lips. You can then convey that to your semi-permanent tattoo artist. Bring in your most used lip pencils or lip colours too.

Many of you want fuller lips, that is, a vermillion border that gives top lip symmetricity in relation to the lower lip (or if you like, visa-versa). Another request is lipline and colour blended to remove the expectation of (traditional) makeup bleeding into fine lines or heavier wrinkles. Scarring on the lip is common through misadventures, accidents, surgery and can change the look of the lips in a lovely way.

A soft and natural tattoo correction to the lip border can make all the difference in the world. Full lips that don’t really seem to be there somehow, can be softly accentuated.

Deep colour or chic and pale… a good protective moisturiser/ lip gloss on tattooed lips, is important and looks good.

I say many times, lip tattoo does not give a lipstick look but allows you to feel special, and look classy, even when super soft and natural. I could even say that a rosy mouth can look healthier.

Further appointments or yearly refreshers will give you more colour, more coverage will ultimately last longer. It does depend on what you want.

In the cosmetic tattoo world, we know everyone is different. Every one heals differently, and the healing agenda isn’t hard and fast. That is the beauty of it all! Colours are most often custom blended for individual outcomes.

Lip colour is tattooed on the outermost layer of the dermis and a lot of your appointment time will be having you exacting the shape and having you comfortable.

The next important step is keeping your lip tattoo clean…very clean and to expect some swelling. Most clients love this part although swell does disappear in 3 or 4 days. When exfoliation is finished and lips no longer look and feel like chapped skin, they can look too light. Skin cells are reinventing themselves and it may seem confusing. Wait a few more weeks and up to 12 weeks after your final procedure to see the beauty and convenience of semi-permanent blushed lips.