It’s always going to be a nice moment when I see you (the client) walk towards my cosmetic tattoo work room. There may be a hint or more of nervousness on your part, but all is well, especially when you relax and realise that this is an unhurried business.

After the preliminaries, trusting the next two hours or more will be safe and comfortable, and where correct shaping and colouring happens for you, is the ultimate goal. A little relaxing therapy, explaining, and lots of listening will go on now too.

When the ah ha moment is obvious – the shape painted on to show you, is just right and there’s a confident nod at the colour chosen, we’ll go ahead with the semi-permanent procedure/s. I am not shy of completing my own tattoo makeup, including scar work on my arm from a misadventure! More about that, in my next blog. But the point is, it has always been important to know what my clients may experience, before and after makeup tattoo.

The big E word is essential here. The difference between an ordinary or even unattractive lip line and blend for example can be because the time has not been taken to note the asymmetrically of the face. A natural lopsidedness on part of the mouth can be corrected in most cases. When the lip line and blend procedure is done well its a sheer confidence booster! One must always be aware of expectations however – one must be realistic. A free consultation is always available.

An old friend arrived from overseas recently. Her brows had been nicely shaped and cosmetically tattooed there. However, a second appointment is essential, and thank goodness I am here to fill in spaces, and redo tails and bulbs. Sometimes a little colour doesn’t quite take, length or depth should be added, or colour darkened or highlighted. Perhaps you will think its perfect, but the final procedure can make all the difference.

Colour heals in the skin depending on your skin chemistry. It essential to have correct colour chosen  to get the most out of micro-pigmentation. Some clients seem to be devoid of colour in their lips. My client who had ‘wouldn’t look at twice’ bare lips, was stunning when she walked out of the clinic on Saturday. I warned her that her elation may drop only to return again after the essential second procedure heals.

We have a good idea in mind – an idea that the lips will be admired with the utmost ease on your part. Very nice, especially when it stays, and stays!

Cheers until next time,

and with our weather in mind, keep safe,