Hi Janey,

I realize this offering is a little random!! , however I would very much like to share this short video with you, featuring an amazing guy by the name of Benjamin Zander. ( Conducter and speaker) You may or may not be familiar with him in the music world, however, I think everyone should watch this little gem. The video is about 5 minutes long, ( just click the blue link below) and if you get the chance to watch this in total peace and quiet, that would be perfect. His enthusiasm reminded me of your passion also for life, work, family and doing ones level best!

The guy is clearly a musical genius, but also an individual who rocks compassion. I hope you enjoy these poignant moment as much as I did.

Have a lovely day!


Carolanne x

One of my client’s, soon to be a second time mum who raves about her cosmetic tattoo, has since informed me she is expecting twins. Now it won’t matter that she will barely have time to catch her face in the mirror for a while – she’ll still look gorgeous!! Congratulations Jess.