Semi-permanent makeup is a real advantage and great for the self-confidence. When I was a teenager and didn’t have much in the way of lashes, but had great big eyes, a boyfriend saw me without makeup and hardly recognised me. I was embarressed but became fascinated with the idea of cosmetic tattoo which wasn’t even around then.  After much experience in applying semi-permanent makeup for others, I recognise eyelash enhancement tattoo, is an amazing cosmetic tattoo procedure in itself. It’s minimalistic and gives a nice band of depth to the 3 rows of lashes you have on the top lid. If you want an especially natural look or are worried about an over-done look with brows, eyes and lips, minimal cosmetic tattoo makeup is a fool-proof move.

Invariably you’ll play with the idea of more… but you can always do that later when you are used to having enough to create intrigue 🙂

Come into Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo if you require tattoo makeup corrections done from other places and other times. I would be glad to help.