Sometimes a client just wants reshaping of a natural eyebrow or lip. This is an interesting challenge and usually there has been a lot of thought that has brought the client along to be ‘repaired’.

Most times the eyebrows are not the same height, width and length or they just seem totally different from each other. it’s not uncommon for a client to point and say “I like that one!”. Brows can be shaped and corrected to slim, soften, to enhance the natural look, or add sophistication to the face.

An example of lip shaping is by balancing one side of the mouth to the other by gently passing the pen or hand tool slightly above the vermillion line. Result? Correction of a visably asymmetic mouth and the beauty of a natural fuss-free lip line. Another example is by defining the cupid’s bow or changing it to a more flattering shape. Simple, yet essential changes for a beautiful mouth.

Please note that not all client’s expectations can be met realistically and considerations are discussed at the beginning of the procedure.

Always, the best enhancements are those where friends and family keep looking at you, wondering – “looks beautiful, but what? how?”

Correction is done carefully and in a subtle manner otherwise the excercise results in an unnatural appearance. Very occasionally a client wants a few hairs ‘replaced’ or a slight change in arch or length of the brow. What a difference it all makes! With micro-pigmentation we can change shapes with a variety of techniques, giving feathered, hair stroke or powdered brow options.

For some, an asymmetic face can be disturbing, although it’s rare to have a face the same both sides of the nose! Most of the time it’s hardly, if at all noticeable by others, other than in photos.

Cosmetically tattood changes are often the ideal and inexpensive answer!

It was brought to my attention the other day that some ladies out there would like some information on what to expect after their semi-permanent make-up. This makes sense to me, and could make the difference as to whether or not one would go ahead with such a procedure, and when.

Before I talk about ‘after care’, I should mention that if you have an important event coming up and you suddenly think “oh I should get some cosmetic tattoo done because we’ll be eating and drinking, celebrating and so on (hey, maybe it’s your wedding day!) and I want to look great the whole time” –  it’s a good idea to plan your first cosmetic tattoo appointment at least 2-3 weeks before the special event, and several weeks before full lip procedure. Why? Your new make-up does require a healing period, and care and common sense over this time is important for the best results.

After your first session which includes a consultation, a second meeting  is made to check the finer details of the work and to look at colour depth, shape and design.  You see, a repeat of the first procedure means deeper, stronger colour and the special flicks, or tasteful wings (for eye liner) or other details you decide on, are often best done at this appointment.

Recognise that to get the desired results of Cosmetic Tattoo require time and attention to detail.

Now, here’s your after care –

Cleansing & Moisturising

Use only water to cleanse the area for the first four days. For example, no cleansers or moisturisers and no oil. Healing balm will be given to you at the completion of the treatment and other ointment or balm may be recommended. Vasoline is also ideal.


It is quite normal for the pigment to peel. this occurs during the first week. The degree of peeling may vary. Do not ‘help’ the peeling process in any way. No scratching please.


Swelling may occur on the areas which have been treated, such as eyelids and lips. Brows rarely swell.
This usually subsides with a few hours and need not interfere with your normal home/work activities. Applying ice compresses to the area will sooth it and aid swelling.

Lip Line, Lip Blend & Full Lip

Those prone to Herpes Simplex (cold sores) should take L-Lysene for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after the procedure as a preventative. Also applying Zovirax will help. Keep lips moist and avoid lipstick for the first week where possible. 

 As a remarkable booster to aid healing and general health, I’ve always endorsed ‘Vital Greens’.

Your micro-pigmentation (cosmetic tattoo) will be treated with photonic light therapy for speedy healing before you leave. 

I hope this has been a help ladies, and gentlemen too!

Making choices as to what goes into our bodies and skin should be as natural as breathing. It’s up to us as individuals to inquire what is the best solution regarding permanent colour solutions.

Naturally we want to feel confident that the pigment inks implanted into our skin are safe and will stay true to colour after the initial cosmetic tattoo process.

The good news is that natural vegetable pigments are iron oxide free. These gorgeous non iron oxide pigments are equal in colour retention to regular pigments, and don’t change colour even after years.

Look after your cosmetic tattoo by using sun screen and understand that exfoliating substances directly on any cosmetically tattooed areas will help remove pigment eventually. Care and common sense practised after the great permanent makeup decision is the answer!

Getting back to iron oxides, most of us have heard of the common problem of browns changing to orange or mauves, and black to blues even after six months. Iron Oxides deteriorate when subjected to UV Rays so have a tendency to discolour. Natural inks don’t create these ‘unusual’ colour hues, as they do not contain metal substances.

Ask me about natural vegetable inks that require little if any touch up procedures later, and won’t cause unnecessary bafflement through colour change!

Ingredients: Vegetable Pigment, Glycerine & Isopropyl.