Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo likes to have a more natural attitude towards micro-pigmentation. I find a softer look especially to start with is more pleasing to you as my client. Some of you have not had brows for years, so a more relaxed or conservative look can work wonders. The second procedure a few weeks later can add more arch, more flair or just more!

You will sign a consent form and receive an after-care sheet as well. Please read both and ask questions. Any reactions in the past from e.g. latex is important for us to know.

Make-up tattoo corrections from discoloured and faded out brows are our speciality as is non-laser tattoo removal.

Hair stroked brows and natural powdered brows are here to stay. Natural vegetable oxide-free pigments are long lasting, fading without residue, and are long lasting. There are the correct pigment lines for you all.

March is a beautiful month. Enjoy it and contact us to chat.



Make a move early this year to NATURAL beautiful lips.

Your lips can be softly lined, enhanced and colour-blended towards the existing inner lip tissue. This is known as lip lining and blending. I find this session works well on those of you who have some good colour in the lips but who have typically ‘lost’ the ever important lip line. When the lip line is expertly cosmetically tattooed in, the face changes instantly. As the mouth tends to shape itself differently on each side of the face, drawing the vermilion line can be nothing short of frustrating. It’s nice to just know its already there…soft, natural and where it should be.

For those of you who have no lip colour at all, try reintroducing your lips to a full blush of colour. I find most of you enjoy this enhancement rather than a lipsticked look. Its knowing you have colour always and all ways. You may stay ‘natural’ or wear traditional makeup over the tattoo when you feel like it.

Corrective work seems to be in high demand and comes into our clinic often. For micro-pigmentation disappointments or old work needing change, call us. Questions are welcomed!

Happy February!