I feel its a good time to mention makeup sensitivity as it is so common nowadays. Cosmetic Tattoo is ideal for those who have so much difficulty looking the way they’d like, because of makeup irritation. On usual occasions semi-permanent makeup is a dream come true for these clients, as traditional makeup is tossed aside and given up on. The new found beauty is utterly cherished and mirrors get a more than usual ‘hello :)’.

I had a young lady with a very pale complexion, extra-ordinarily beautiful eyes and fine, natural platinum blond hair, come visit for consultation recently.

This case when acute sensitivities are suspected and itemised, a patch test is performed behind the ear. Very rarely there may be an allergy to a component in the numbing cream and any experienced cosmetic makeup artist will be mindful of this. Absolute cleanliness and one-use only apparatus is crucial of course, as with all other micro-pigmentation procedures.  The needle assembly is dispersed of in a sharps container after each session. The client also needs to be super careful and responsible as what goes on the skin for the first week after her patch test. Finally an after-care sheet is given, and a follow up appointment for the true procedure is arranged a few days later.

In the case of the young lady above, a different procedure was used, with little numbing. We did it! Not only was the session almost painless but the pigment was beautifully gulped up without a hitch. The eye-liner healed quickly without fuss, having a good start,  and was ready for a second ‘blanketing’ or wash of colour a few weeks later. I can say, as a semi-permanent makeup artist, that these clients are looking at themselves in a new light, probably for the first time in their lives. Sometimes they have not put a brush or pencil to their faces in many years due to difficult skin reactions. As with all procedures, we start with a conservative design – ideally something you would be glad to see at any time of the day or night. It is easy to add colour if you are in raptures and want more.  You, my client depend on my skill and experience for the final results, your communication is my first consideration.  Your work might require an extra session or two. Slowly, little by little is sometimes the key.

Phone for a consultation if you are unsure. In the case of the above very attractive lady, the eye-liner tattoo makeup was quickly followed by eye-brow makeup tattoo. One of my clients mentioned in her gratefully received testimonial”….don’t procrastinate!” Tattoo makeup consultations are always free and easy to arrange.

Have a happy June month, and mention ‘SPECIALS FOR JUNE’ for considerable discounts!