The year has started in a refreshing new way. Clients and friends are talking of new job placements, new studies, new babies, and new trips and holidays. They are all on the horizon. There’s a positive feeling in the air!

Many ladies have taken advantage of Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo’s specials so far this year too. Some long time clients are coming back for complimentary colour through or above their present semi-permanent eyeliner. The technique allows for equally intense lines or soft smudges of semi-permanent colour to liven and refresh the eyes. Impish green, smokey greys, blues and browns, clear emerald, or ice blue are colours you may be able to imagine now. They are often imaginery colours that materialize from your ideas,  and created before you. You, the client are able to conduct where you wish this colour to go, and then little by little, with our professional expertise, and your approval…it’s done! Colour starting deliberate or ashy, as if smudged by an artist’s finger, and finished to a wisp at the eyelid fold –  or strong woody lines blending with earth greens that give great shape to your features.

Imagine waking up to all this without even a wave of a wand because you’ve done that already! Could you be nervous at the idea of colour on the lids, that stays? After enjoying lash enhancement or liner for a few months, one inevitably wants to explore more. Well, again it’s a time-saver……and what if you are wearing pinks or blues today and your cosmetic tattoo is in your signature ‘clear aqua’ or a ‘powdered stone’? Natural vegetable pigments create such a natural look that you may brush over with complimentary fuss whenever you like.

Consultations with Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo are always free without obligation. We understand ideas and pictures of beauty materialize best over talk and coffee.