We have just arrived back from some of the beautiful Islands of Greece. Somehow life is slower, friendly and genuine…and their work ethics strong and reliable. It was a beautiful experience to mingle with the people and sample what seemed the freshest salads and fish possible. Ancient ruins were awesome to see and we frequently stepped carefully through areas that were reeking with history.

Now we are home and I wanted to remind you that brow procedures booked in June, still have $50 off the second procedure. Eyebrows are still the most favoured treatment. Why? Because eyebrow microblading transforms your face. Many beautiful women come through with ordinary, or even unflattering natural or previously cosmetic tattooed brows. The change can be truly life-changing. Feathered or otherwise, semi-permanent brow tattoo can make a lovely face more complete and lift plain features easily with correct design and definition. I find mostly you want natural attractiveness…yes more arch perhaps, and a longer stretch of the brow. Something that unique to you.

Phone or message me for great brows, and when you book in June, you keep $50.