Thank you all for a truly wonderful year. It has been such a pleasure to meet you and give you the natural make-up tattoo look that most of you are seeking.

As we get older it’s easy to see how softer, natural look micro-pigmentation is becoming most popular. Fashions come and go and the ‘no matter what, I want them dark’ brows are on their way out in this corner of the world. Shape and design are always checked and rechecked with you. If a higher arch is wanted and agreed on, you must be responsible in keeping stray hairs away from the new design, to keep it unique.

Boosters are so easy to organise for a year ahead and keep you looking and feeling younger, fresher.

Lips too are so popular, shaded and blushed so you need less and less makeup. I still love it when you say ‘they never knew it was cosmetic tattoo’.

Eyeliner top and below, have always been popular. A lash enhancement procedure allows you to style your eyes differently every day if you wish. You do though have a fine line tattooed from lash to lash if you decide to go make-up less on other days. Perfect!

2020 is on our doorstep. Phone and chat about our various procedures, including scalp tattoo for thinning hair. Women never dream they could lose hair, but hormones and health in general continue to dismay!

Plasma fibroblasting has shown beautiful results for tightening and refreshing your skin where you want it most. See if this work is ideal for you by checking with us and understanding Plasma fibroblasting and what it may do for you.

We are here over the New Year break. We find it’s the right time for teachers, mums and all of you lucky enough to have a few days or weeks off at this great time of the year!

Cheers, and many, many good wishes for 2020.


Sometimes I see you have beautiful features and you know what cosmetic tattoo procedures you want. It intrigues me how some of you leave your lips untouched. This is for a few reasons; you might be aware that lipstick and crayons contain traces of lead, and other metals. These may be swallowed or at least absorbed through the mucosal tissues in the mouth. You may tend to reapply colour repeatedly during the day and night and it’s almost as if it is a habit or afterthought. In USA there have been studies on metals present in various popular brands. Manganese, Cadmium, Chromium, copper, nickel to name a few. Typically, some of these additives stabilise the product or adds shine and glitter.

Semi-permanent make-up, is the option. Cosmetic tattoo lip blush, lip-line or line & blend are decisions based on how much natural colour you already have. Lip tattoo is without doubt one of the better beauty enhancements you can give yourself. As our lips succumb to the elements + we can fool ourselves and everyone else that we have a wider, plumper more attractive pair of lips after the careful application of micro-pigmentation. Even the merest suggestion of colour (blush) can work well but be aware that all cosmetic tattoo fades and needs a refresh every year or so, usually.

Apart from the sheer good looks of lip tattoo, there is the peace of mind our lip inks and pigments are safe.

I believe most women are enjoying more natural procedures now and love it when friends, family and colleagues don’t quite know how they get their makeup looking super subtle and lovely.

Don’t forget to check our fibroblasting procedures and tattoo removal. A phone call and chat is a nice way to simplify your queries.