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RELAX with Cosmetic Tattoo

There’s been a rush on for cosmetically tattooed eyebrows lately. Happily some of my client’s are falling asleep during the procedure. Here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo the massage bed is ultra comfy, and extra warm. We in Queensland are a bit shy of the cold! After you have read through and signed the paperwork you…

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After 6th July, when Janey is back from Singapore, come in for styled and waxed & cosmetically tattooed eyebrows for $300. That is one hundred dollars off this exquisite eyebrow procedure. You will speak with Jessica who will book your free consultations (if you require) and other semi-permanent tattoo procedures. Look forward to seeing you!…

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When making up is all too much..

It’s fabulous when your clients are business-women, students and people who know why they have come in to  have semi-permanent make-up. It’s really special though when you’re client is a hard working young woman, getting a career together and is also raising toddler at the same time. My client a few weeks ago, phoned me…

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