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Pain free (or almost)…

In a way, it’s now or never  to make the tattoo makeup decision!  An exaggeration really, but so many times I have clients’ say “I wish I’d done this years ago” or, “I’ve always been too scared to have a cosmetic tattoo”. Comfort has come a long way in the cosmetic tattoo business and nowadays one [...]

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Free Brow Boost for October

If you are already a client at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, you may love the opportunity to have a free Cosmetic Tattoo boost in October.  This is a great way to encourage a pal (for example, this could be an aunt or work colleague ) to stop talking about getting her brows done – to getting [...]

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Minimalistic semi-forever makeup…

Semi-permanent makeup is a real advantage and great for the self-confidence. When I was a teenager and didn’t have much in the way of lashes, but had great big eyes, a boyfriend saw me without makeup and hardly recognised me. I was embarressed but became fascinated with the idea of cosmetic tattoo which wasn’t even [...]

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COMPLIMENTARY for June and July…

  Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo offers an exceptional finishing touch following your final cosmetic tattoo procedure/s for June and July. Just mention this posting. This session is to review, detail and refine. It’s free!

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Correcting Cosmetic Tattoo

How many of you know of someone who has had some poor or downright awful cosmetic tattoo? It’s happening more and more unfortunately and it’s something that you the aware client is anxious to fix. When I see these problem eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, I want to redesign and colour correct your tattoo makeup quickly [...]

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Mothers Day! It’s the fourteenth of May

Just to remind you. We’ve had a lot of special days to celebrate already this year, and Mothers Day is an especially appreciated time in life. A really lovely idea is a gift of semi-permanent makeup. I say that because it’s usually a surprise that the family has got together over such a gift, or [...]

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Happy New Year!

Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo wishes you a happy and blessed, peaceful and love filled, shiny New Year. May it be full of good fortune, health & fun. Best wishes, Janey  


Lashy Eyeliner

It all started when we at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo were seeing some beautiful results with our clients with Alopecia.  What they wanted was cosmetic tattoo hair-strokes for their brows.  The sort that you want to get really close to, to see if they have real hair; and eyeliner that took attention right away from bare lids.  [...]

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Caviat Emptor

The year is well under way and I’m happy at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo to see you come back year after year for makeup tattoo refreshers.  This shows you are pleased with shape and colour, and you may keep your cosmetic tattoo pristine and colour natural at little cost. Subtle changes to your semi-permanent makeup may be suggested as facial features alter.  It sometimes [...]

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Wishing you all a Happy Shiny New Year!

  We made the most of our shimmering Christmas tree and there are three little sparkling tree branches in a vase that will stay awhile. There was a welcome lull before New Year in this little part of the world. Calls came in for cosmetic tattoo as the New Year festivities loomed up.  Thankfully at [...]

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