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  • Rectification and Colour Corrections – Price based on requirements
  • Lipline and Shaping $350
  • Lipline, Shaping & Blending $400
  • Full Lips (including Lipline, Shaping & Blending) $550
  • Second appointment within 2-8 wks $150
  • Subsequent treatments – price based on requirements
  • Scar Treatments and Tattoo Removal – Price based on requirements

What makes cosmetic lip tattoo at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo special?

Janey has an extra interest in making you feel very much at ease, and pain free prior, during and after your procedures. Janey also uses the very latest topical anaesthetics.

Cosmetic tattoo is a popular procedure for all types and all ages (as long as you are over 18!). If you feel age or genetics hasn’t been as kind to your mouth as you would have liked, then permanent makeup is an excellent way to give the appearance of larger lips with a more defined pout.

You will find you have lips that lift easily at the corners once more and are more expressive and seductive!  The method we use is extremely precise. We carefully and accurately move the tattoo device along the outside of the lip border to provide fullness and body that transforms the lip.  The effect is subtle and flattering, and after getting used to the increased compliments and attention you will receive it is easy to forget how invisible one felt for so long before the lip treatment.

The interesting thing is that those who have had the procedure say that for all the compliments and attention they receive very few people are able to identify exactly what has changed. Most people will ask whether you have been on a diet and lost weight, or perhaps changed hairstyle or been visiting the gym. All you need do is smile enigmatically with your new lips, and let them guess.

Yes, they are mine. Image untouched and without lip gloss or other colour enhancers. Two full lip procedures, well over 1 year old now.

Yes, these are my own lips. An untouched image with no lip gloss, or lipstick; well over 1 year old. This is why I appreciate cosmetic tattoo!

IMG_20181030_200457 Bree

Having colour in lips is imperative to many women. This image shows a completed and healed full lip tattoo.

sandy lip- line

The softest lip-line has was requested for this nature loving lady. Image shows first procedure only. Numbing is still visible, and lasts another hour or so.

Cosmetic tattoo eyeliner compliments beautiful brows, read more here.


Before full lip procedure


After preparing the lips for the requested colour


Straight after requested lip colour


Immediately after Lip-line and blend procedure


Lips directly after procedure


Healed without gloss


Healed and glossy

Just as our lips change in colour by degrees during the day, so they do with cosmetic tattoo, depending on our emotions, and temperature.


10 mths after Lip procedures (with gloss)

It’s especially nice to be able to meet the day knowing you have a perfect application of colour that stays, the whole year through, and much more. The final healed look is subtle, as if you are looking through a fine veil. It should be mentioned that you would apply a little gloss or balm for a stunningly fresh look and that for special occasions and evenings out your traditional makeup plays its part for a striking colour change.