More Testimonials By Our Clients

Leanne M

Janey is an expert with colour & technique. Highly recommend her treatments. And they last a long time. She is a lovely lady who really listened to my needs.

Jessica R

Janey, the highly experienced owner of Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, is also my lovely mum. Having recommended her to dozens of people over the years, I can vouch for her like no one else can. 
Janey is knowledgeable, caring and artistic. In addition to being amazing at what she does, when you visit her clinic you will be treated with kindness and understanding. 
Using a specially formulated numbing cream to virtually eliminate the pain aspect of your cosmetic tattoo procedure, your thoughts, ideas and concerns will be discussed fully at your initial consultation. Ensuring you are both 100% on the same page about your hopes and expectations. You are guaranteed to walk out of Janey’s clinic with a huge smile of excitement on your face. 
So many of my own clients and friends have been to see Janey in Gilston for eyebrow tattoo. 
The way that their new shaped eyebrows have complimented their other stand out facial features, has completely finished off their own unique look. 
So many people, including myself, never knew or realized how important eyebrows are and how they literally frame your face. 
I actually saw an old friend/client last week who had her brows done at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo and we were discussing how they make you feel as though you were supposed to look this way all along. 
I over plucked my eyebrows when I was younger, leaving me with uneven, sparse, gappy brows that were completely uneven. Now they are a beautiful even, thick, arched shape which suits my face shape and compliments my face and facial expressions. 
Plus, it just makes waking up and getting ready for the day so much quicker and easier! 
I would highly recommend Janey to anyone and everyone

Sandra B

Janey is totally awesome at make up tattoo
She did such a fantastic job with my eyebrows
The shape and the colour are perfect so my face looks great 24/7 yay!! Thank you so much Janey

Bree P

If you’re thinking of getting cosmetic tattooing I highly recommend Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo! Janey goes above and beyond to ensure you not only get what you want but what best suits you. Janey takes the time to listen to you whilst also providing her experience and expertise! I have had my eyebrows, full lips and a beauty spot and could not be happier with the result! I continue to receive compliments regarding the work Janey has done.

Kelly R

Janey is amazing, I was so happy with the results that I cried. I would recommend gentle cosmetics over and over again xx

Noelene S

Janey you are an artist in your on right. Thank you for a wonderful experience having my eyebrows tattooed. I am so pleased with the result and would recommend you to all women who want to boost their confidence and self esteem. Fantastic!!!! Thank you.

Francis H

Janey is an absolute expert in her field.

Toni B

I have never been happy with my very thin, sparse eyebrows. I finally decided to go with Janey to have them tattooed after reading many good reviews online. She was so kind and really explained the procedure carefully. She was very particular about colour and shape that would suit me. The numbing gel makes it absolutely painless and it was actually very relaxing getting them done. I now have such beautifully shaped, natural looking eyebrows and couldn’t be happier. My friends all have commented on how lovely they look now. Thankyou Janey!

Sue P

If anyone is nervous about cosmetic tattooing Janey is the person to see I felt very relaxed Janey is so calming and wow my eyebrows look amazing thank you so much you are truly amazing.

Donna M

Janey is so lovely, she makes you feel calm and welcome. I love my new eyebrows. I would highly recommend Janey.
Thank you so much

Heidi R

Janey is a wonderful woman who does amazing work. So caring and considerate of what the client wants. Highly recommended.

If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic tattoo on the Gold Coast or nearby, don’t look any further then Janey. Today is my third visit to Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo in 2 years.
I cheated in between and went elsewhere which I won’t do again.
The other girl that I got to touch up my brows was very painful as the numbing cream that was used was not medical grade and then what was used, she didn’t leave to on for long enough.
Janey has literally YEARS of experience and calls herself “Gentle” for a reason – in addition to quality there is no pain involved. The location is ideal for me as its in Gilston so no traffic or parking problems and her house is set up so quiet and peaceful.
Janey has also done my mums brows and she absolutely loves them after years of no brows whatsoever. I originally found Gentle Cosmetic after a booking that I had made fell through at the last minute as the lady couldn’t work that day. I’d been working myself up for months to go into a salon to get them done. I phoned Janey and was at her place within the hour. She is flexible with her schedule so has had no problems fitting me and my mum in even at the last minute.
Don’t be misguided by fancey FB marketing and pretty photos experience is far more important and thats what makes this place different from the rest. Thanks for todays touch up brows and my new eye liner Janey love them!! See you again in a couple of months.

Maraina Latimer

I absolutely love my new eyebrows and eyeliner enhancement and can’t wait for the final touch up. Janey is such a lovely and caring lady and has done a wonderful job. I was so happy knowing I didn’t have to worry with the results after seeing my daughter’s eyebrows that Janey did for her. I thoroughly recommend her work.

Wendy Ryan

If anyone is nervous about cosmetic tattooing Janey is the person to see I felt very relaxed Janey is so calming and wow my eyebrows look amazing thank you so much you are truly amazing. April 27 •

Sue Platt

5 STAR Janey has done the most wonderful job on my eyebrows. The shape and colour is just perfect and has framed my face beautifully. I now can wear my hair back! She is so dedicated to her work and is so gentle and caring. Thank you, Janey!

Elsbeth Dutler

Janey is totally awesome at make up tattoo She did such a fantastic job with my ebrows The shape and the colour are perfect sonny face looks great 24/7 yay!! Thank you so much Janey

Sandra Bravo

Janey, I want to wholeheartedly THANK YOU for what you have done for my eyebrows and enhancing my eyes. The slight swelling from the eyes has already gone and when I put my lippy on this morning, I took a good look in the mirror. Gone are the puppy dog eyebrows. I like my face and don’t feel I need to hide behind specs. Another happy client. June xx

June T
Gold Coast Qld.

It’s not been near a month

But I looked in the mirror and thunk,My eyebrows are just fine,Well really they’re Sublime!Or actually they’re Superb!Yes, that ‘s a far better word.So Janey I’d like to thank youand thank you from brows duo!Yes, Janey, corny I know, but I am really so pleased with my brows…fantastic. I look froward to seeing you again late next year perhaps? Best wishes

Burleigh Qld.

For the past year or so I have been procrastinating over having my eyebrows cosmetically tattooed, due to being a blond haired, blue-eyed 22 year old. I was petrified of making the decision of permanent makeup that I wasn’t 100% happy with. After many hours of research and asking people for recommendations, I came across Janey and her Gentle Cosmetic tattooing. It was at that moment of viewing previous work by Janey, I knew this was my lady! The next day I booked an appointment and the same day I had them done. The second I walked into Janey’s clinic room I felt straight away at ease. ‘Gentle’ could not describe it any better. From having no eyebrows to having perfect eyebrows; I can honestly say “stop procrastinating and book an appointment with Janey”. Her work is done to perfection and you will be 100% happy with your new look! I can’t thank you enough Janey! Have a look at her site and see how many people have written testimonials!

Robina Qld.

Janey absolutely masters her craft. She is a true artist and has done an amazing job tattooing my eyebrows and enhancing my eyelashes. She has a wealth of experience and her suggestions are perfect to the point. Since her treatment a real change is noticeable – she gave my face “expression” which was plainly missing as I have barely any eyebrows of my own. The way she shaped them fits my face perfectly and as people can’t pin point what it is that is different they just tell me recently so often how beautiful I am. Especially the way they interact with me has changed as my words are now “underlined” with the according facial expression – and we all know how communication works… The eyelash enhancer is great as I’m doing a lot of sports and swimming. I don’t have the need to look like wearing a full make up all the time, but it just makes the eyelashes appear naturally denser and darker. This treatment is really worth it, even it might sound so minimal. Great to get out of bed and see a face that is AWAKE! If you allow and invite Janey to “tap into your personality” you will get so much more than a tattoo!!! With all my heart I thank you Janey for this subtle yet wonderfully life enhancing work you have done! xxx Eva

Eva Fischer
Gold Coast Qld.

Message: Hello my lovely friend Janey Miss you and our talks, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely eyes and lips, lips swelled for a couple of days but now have a light blush, maybe will have redone later for a stronger colour, but just pop on some lip gloss or balm and wow. My eyebrows and liner are ridiculously great, makeup from waking to going to bed, what more could a girl want, truly madly in love with them, thinking of having my eyelashes permed for more pop, not that I need it. I feel younger and for once I like what I see when I look in the mirror. Your are a true artist, and your pricing is so there for us women who want to look great but not have to spend a fortune to do so. Can you do cosmetic surgery as I could keep you in work for years to com LOL Love you dear lady and not only did I find a true professional, your warm and welcoming approach to everything you made me feel like I had found a friend. Love always Carole

Regent Court
Gold Coast Qld.

Hey my name is Dee OMG I am the happiest person right now . I just had my eyebrows feather tattoo and it looks amazing. I just would like to say what an amazing lady Janey is she is very passionate about her job and its not about the money there should be more people like her in cosmetic tattooing industry. The cost is great like I said its not about the money with Janey i would highly recommend Janey Senthe to any one Janey once again I just would like to thankyou and how very very happy iI am .I’ll be back to do my eyeliner in 2weeks

Deanne Latu
Gold Coast Qld.

I would like to say thank you to Janey for the wonderful job you have done on creating perfect eyebrows for me. Ever so gentle. Janey is a truly beautiful and talented person. I absolutely recommend her for anyone considering cosmetic tattooing. Jodie Coulter

Jodie Coulter
Gold Coast Qld.

Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is the perfect name for this business. From the minute you meet Janey, you feel calm and relaxed. The whole experience exceeded my expectations and I’m am so happy with my results.

Sara Grant
Gold Coast Qld.

Loving my new brows. Not only did Janey fit me in on short notice but she instantly knew what would look best on me … and it was exactly what I wanted too! My new shaped and feather stroke brows have taken ten years off my face … certainly saved on cosmetic surgery! As the business name states, Janey is “gentle”. Her work is amazing!

Raewyn Wise
Gold Coast Qld.

Love love love. What a professional. And such a personal lady. A wonderful Caring N understanding professional. And such A FANTASTIC JOB.

Jayne Haidley
Gold Coast Qld.

Janey’s technique is unique and I am impressed with the wonderful job she has done on my eyes and eye brows. I won’t go anywhere else.

Kristin Stewart
Gold Coast Qld.

I am confident to recommend Janey for anyone who is looking for an experienced cosmetic artist. I had procedures on my lips for cosmetic tatoo and I am very thankful for her gentle and careful technique, including the preparation and planning of colour. Also her care is therapeutic and very relaxing. Her sensible treatment gave me full satisfaction. Not like any others, she is more client-centred and dedicated to achieve what clients desire. I would go back to Janey anytime for any other treatment or recommend her for professional and gentle treatment for everyone. You made me so happy Janey, big thank you again!

Yoshimi Steptoe
Gold Coast Qld.

Like many others, I was really worried about having my eyebrows tattoo, iI looked into having them done a couple of years ago and bottled out. .I used to have them tinted but they would only last a few days..I did some research and found Janey who did a fab job and I am just so happy with my eyebrows now..Thanks so much Janey I would not hesitate to recommend you

Claire Hills
Gold Coast Qld.

I visited Janey recently, and she is a delight to deal with. She is a thoughtful and caring practitioner who takes the time to understand her clients’ needs and preferences before making recommendations. I felt that she really listened to me when I explained what I was hoping to achieve. Janey made every effort to ensure that I was comfortable and happy with the service provided, and it was very clear that customer satisfaction was of the utmost priority to her.

Georgina Woodcock
Gold Coast Qld.

Janey is AMAZING!!! I can’t recommend her enough! I had my eyebrows done with her in 2014. After years of plucking and waxing, the damage was done – my brows were thin and uneven, my face looked dull and tired all the time, and when you’re over 40, that really shows. After a lot of research, I decided to try Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo because I liked what I saw online – the photos on the website are Jeanie’s real clients, and the cosmetic tattoos seemed fantastic and as natural as you can ask for. I must confess that after my first appointment I was scared – petrified really! My brows looked crazy dark and so thick! I wasn’t used to having normal eyebrows anymore, and the change shocked me. But I decided to trust the healing process, and a few days later I finally saw the work of art Janey had done on my brows. They were PERFECT. I went for my second appointment weeks later, as she had requested, for the final touch ups. The results were even more impressive – if that was even possible! It’s been 4 months since, and I can honestly say, that was the BEST decision I’ve ever made, the best gift I could give to myself. I’m now used to hearing “wow, your eyebrows look amazing”, and people would never guess they’ve been tattooed – but I make sure I tell so, and obviously speak wonders about Janey (apart from being an incredible artist, she’s a wonderful human being really). Girls, I’ve never ever written a review for anything, but I couldn’t let this one pass by. You won’t find anyone better in Queensland. You will only regret not having your cosmetic tattoo done sooner.

Marisol Ferreira
Gold Coast Qld.

Well, today is a few weeks post getting my eyebrows tattooed and I couldn’t be happier. They are so much better than I thought they would be and the method Janey uses is great and without stress or anxiety. I lost my eyebrows to severe illness and while my hair grew back, my eyebrows did not grow back all that well. Janey gave me new definition and new confidence. I’m going overseas soon and I won’t have to worry about looking unwell anymore and people telling me how just how unwell I look. I feel just great.

Shiannon Corcoran
Gold Coast Qld.

I have had my eyebrows tattooed at a different salon previously and unfortunately they had faded from black to bright red. As a school teacher I was constantly embarrassed by students’ comments about my red eyebrows. I was keen to have the problem fixed with natural hairstrokes. Fortunately I found Janey. Janey is not just a cosmetician but a true artist. She understood exactly what look I was wanting and ensured that I could see exactly what I was going to get with a temporary make-up before starting the permanent tattoo process. To my surprise there was no pain at all with Janey’s remarkable anaesthetic crème and I actually found the entire process relaxing, unlike my previous tattoo experience. I now have stunning eyebrows that frame my entire face and have hidden the unsightly redness. Thank you Janey for your amazing talent and for making me feel beautiful!!!

Mel Bateson
Teacher, Qld.

For many years I have been wanting to get my eyebrows done but because I had seen so many that looked very fake it made me hesitant until my girlfriend told me she had. It looked so amazingly completely natural that it blew me away so I rang Janey straight away to book in. Janey booked me in straight away and she made me feel so relaxed and comfortable that the whole entire experience was wonderful and I healed up within 3 days. What a amazing artist Janey is and I have had heaps of compliments and Janey still has to do the final touch ups. I had my brows and the upper and lower eye liner done and loving it so much. To find someone like Janey who is not just a amazing cosmetic tattoo artist, she is also the most beautiful person inside and out and she goes out of her way to make sure you are happy and comfortable with the whole experience. I can honestly recommend her very highly because her work is the best i have ever seen. Thank you Janey for all your wonderful work and we are all so blessed to have met you. You are a truly beautiful person. Love and light.

Delphine Keleher
Currumbin waters

I’ve wanted to have eyeliner cosmetic tattoo for years and decided that it would be my reward after some recent weight loss. After much research online I was drawn to Janey @ Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, you can no longer notice my lazy eye and I now have beautiful even lips. Yes at 51 years of age I’ve had my eyeliner, eyebrows and lips done and my husband has said how beautiful it looks. I feel younger and fresher looking and my morning make-up routine is so much quicker. Janey you are a wonderful, caring person who is so passionate and professional at cosmetic tattoo. Thank you so much, Jacinta

Jacinta Kambouris

I can’t believe how lovely my lips look – I’m so glad I had them done.


Excellent job and service, you would never regret it.

Vonia Moda,
Business owner,
Gold Coast.

Love the way Janey has shaped my brows. She has taken the time to make sure each hair-stroke was perfect.

Business owner,
Gold Coast.

My eyebrow brush strokes were such a wonderfully relaxing experience. Janey makes you feel so comfortable and important, and your needs
are paramount to her.

Renee Oprszko,

My eyebrows have always been a feature on my face and after being bitten by a spider right on my brows, the hair fell out. My confidence dropped dramatically. As a model, confidence is key, and after my first hair-stroke procedure with Janey I was so happy to be able to wake up in the morning knowing I could go anywhere without having to fill in my brows. They look so natural but trendy – perfect for work. Janey has a very calming presence and is extremely talented at what she does. I’m a big fan.

Selene Coase,
Model and student,

The complete journey of my breast reconstruction has been documented and used at medical conferences overseas.

The colouring, size and shape of my areolas and nipples are awesome Janey, and I am an especially proud and grateful Wahine Toa.

Thank you ever so much for your work.


Janey has been able to match my natural brow colour perfectly and by adding some careful strokes has given me exactly what I asked for : greater brow definition executed so subtly that even my sister didn’t realize I’d had them done.

Victoria Blom
Gold Coast,

Hi Janey,

Thank you for taking exquisite care with my tattoo makeup. My eyeliner and brows make my busy life much easier, and people say I look younger. I’m really happy with this work.

Highland Park,
Gold Coast
Student teacher and mum.

I love the look of the hair-strokes. They’re so natural and fresh. Getting ready in the morning will be
so much more faster now. Thank you so much janey, you truly are an exquisite artist.

Sue Pearson,
Gold Coast.

I cannot recommend Janey’s services highly enough! I am extremely happy with the results of my eyelash enhancement and will be back for other work shortly. Not only is her work meticulous, but Janey’s manner is so caring and warm, nothing is too much trouble for her. THANK YOU JANEY.

Victoria Blom,
Gold Coast

I went to see Janey thinking the full eyeliner would be dreadfully painful but had wanted to have it done for years. I had Mum’s experience from somewhere, long ago to compare. That was not a good one.

The eyeliner procedures were less painful than eyebrow threading and really the whole experience was so relaxing.
Janey has a very calming personality. I am so impressed with this work and it was the holistic approach that I wanted.

Felicity, Nurse and Mother,
Silicon Oasis

A beautiful experience from start to finish, I felt so relaxed and confident. Janey walked me though every step of the way whilst giving me the look I so longed for. I was amazed at how pain free it was and am totally thrilled with my beautiful brows and full eyeliner. My face is dressed! Even my hardest critics,my son and mother, didn’t know what I had done.

Diane, Nurse
Nerang, Gold Coast

For the past year or so I have been procrastinating over having my eyebrows cosmetically tattooed, due to being a blond haired, blue-eyed 22 year old. I was petrified of making the decision of permanent makeup that I wasn’t 100% happy with. After many hours of research and asking people for recommendations, I came across Janey and her Gentle Cosmetic tattooing. It was at that moment of viewing previous work by Janey, I knew this was my lady! The next day I booked an appointment and the same day I had them done. The second I walked into Janey’s clinic room I felt straight away at ease. ‘Gentle’ could not describe it any better. From having no eyebrows to having perfect eyebrows; I can honestly say “stop procrastinating and book an appointment with Janey”. Her work is done to perfection and you will be 100% happy with your new look! I can’t thank you enough Janey!

Kelly Samuels – Entertainment Industry, Jupiter’s Casino, Gold Coast. May 2013

Hi Janey, Thank you for the Lash Enhancement. I couldn’t picture what was involved when you explained how you put the colour between the eyelashes with just a little above the lashes as well – but you knew what I wanted! It looks great!
Kathy, Interior Decorator and Mum, Southport. May 2013

Hey Janey, I really love my eyebrows! When I do my makeup now I just put powder on and brush my brows and I’m done. No more fiddling. You didn’t miss a thing, and I was so relaxed I was almost asleep. Thank you.
Niki, Financial Para-Planner, Southport. April 2013

“You have really changed my life Janey. Being a teacher and mum of two, it’s a busy life. I really can’t believe the naturalness of these hairstroke brows and there is no way I would have the time to do my eyeliner like this every day. It may sound over the top, but I love catching a glimpse of my makeup first thing in the morning.  I didn’t put it on myself, and it is semi-permanent!“
– Jane Greenup, Moreton Bay, QLD, January 2013

“My colleagues admire my ‘tinted’ eyebrows! This was better than a massage – a wonderful experience!”
– Lyn Pitt, Mental Health Nurse, Tweed Valley, Gold Coast, December 2012

“I came as a new client to have my lips re-lined and was so pleased when Janey said that the poor colour in my brows could be improved as well. A much more natural colour was introduced after some preparation and I’m very pleased with the results. After too many years, I’m so glad I took the plunge. I would recommend Janey to any of my friends.”
– Trish Daley, November 2012

“For five years I looked in the mirror and felt terrible. I could not see my true self. Now I am so happy to have a full breast with a nice natural areola and nipple. Now I am complete. Thank you Janey for your tattoo work.”
– Elizabeth, November 2012

“Well, what a different experience, completely. After Janey explained everything to me, my eyeliner procedure was fast, and very gentle. Having had a previous painful experience, Janey’s method was a very welcome relief. Thank you Janey, for your lovely gentle technique and your calm, patient nature. I would refer you to anyone and everyone.”
Fiona. Music Teacher, Clear Island Waters, Gold Coast, October 2012

“Whilst in the shower my young son came in, and said “where did that come from?” He was talking about my areola. I said “a beautiful gentle lady drew it on and coloured it in”. I am more than impressed and extremely grateful to Janey. She is considerate, gentle, professional and someone I would highly recommend. She has a beautiful soul!! And is a good drawer!!!!”
– Michelle Hudson, Hospital Administration, Gold Coast, August 2012

“Tears of Joy!!! I cannot believe my eyebrows could possibly ever look like this! I a so thrilled and I am truly beside myself. I have researched hairstrokes but still didn’t really understand. Not only do I look they way I have wanted to, but so perfectly. God perfection!! Thank you Janey, you really have amazed me.”
– Joanna Holmes, Blood Scientist, Helensvale, Gold Coast, August 2012

“I’m speechless; my eyebrows have turned out awsome! the tiny hairstrokes brushed into my brows make them look so natural. It’s amazing how something like this can make you feel so different. I do wish I had come to you first Janey.”
– Diana Slater, Commercial Cleaner Pimpama, Gold Coast, July 2012

“After 45yrs of drawing on my eyebrows, I was “over it”. I have now thrown my pencils away and am enjoying perfect eyebrows.Thank you Janey.” 

– Janice, Care Worker, West Queensland, July 2012

Hi Janey, I came to you with eyebrows that I had not been happy with for a long time. The original work was done overseas. I came to Australia and found you Janey. What a transformation, no more pencil over the existing disaster. I am absolutely thrilled with my new look and will certainly be visiting you again on my next trip. Many, many thanks.

Pamela Gray Administrative Support to the Anaesthetic Dept. Wellington Hospital. May 2012

I hate needles & almost faint for blood tests,so already I’m probably the difficult client. But Janey is so intuitive & just knows how to calm you down, & truly it is ok. Actually getting a brazilian hurts A LOT more there is no pain just discomfort. The other good thing is as a mum there are emotional times, i.e concerts & disability conferences. If you do cry your eye makeup doesn’t run – now, that is worth the discomfort. In fact I love it so much I’m getting more stuff done I am so glad I found Janey.

Justine JGEllis Fitness Instructor & Mum, NSW, May 2012

WOW what a difference, from having no eyebrows to having perfectly shaped ones – thanks to Janey. No more, one high and one low, penciled on brows. My new ones look so natural and I am thrilled. I can’t wait to have my lips done. A huge thanks to you Janey. See you soon.
– Joan-Dabbs, Gold Coast, April 2012

Janey, I had my brows done years ago and if took me years again to decide to have them redone as the shape wasn’t ideal. Their colour had changed to orange. I’m now absolutely delighted with the lovely natural result. My eyebrows were so carefully redesigned by you, and the colour now compliments my hair.

 Elizabeth, Qld Health Administrator, Gold Coast, March 2012

Janey is amazing, she put me completely at ease. As a make-up artist, I know how important eyebrows are. I would trust no one else to do my cosmetic tattooing. Janey is a true professional and extremeely passionate about her work; a recipe for perfect brows!! Thank you Janey!.

– Kristy Tyne, Channel 7 Make-up artist, Gold Coast, March 2012

“Just a brief note this morning to say firstly, thank you for my beautiful new mouth and lips!!! With every visit, never once did I ever feel insecure, unsafe or worried about how they (lips) would turn out! You instilled complete confidence and trust in me with your calm, your expertise and lovely nature. It was one of the best things if have done for myself on a personal level physically.”

 – Faye Lewis, Medical Receptionist, Brisbane, November 2011

 “Janey is amazing “an eyebrow Magician”. I am beyond pleased with my result!”
– Sky, Child care, Gold Coast, November 2011

“Thank you so much Janey; my lip colour is perfect and looks great. The shape is just terrific. Later in the year I would like to have some scars made less visible, so until then, Thanks again.”
– Mandy, Nurse, Brisbane, October 2011

“Thank you so much Janey! It’s been a few weeks and I still have to pause every time I walk past the mirror. Having the eyeliner done has made such a huge difference to my everyday life and most importantly my self-confidence. It’s nice to know that you can still look good without much effort at all. I can’t wait to have the brows and lips done also this year. Your treatments are definitely worth the money. I have had great results with the whole experience, you are helpful and understanding and the decision of having this done was so much more comfortable. I love when you meet someone who is passionate about what they do. You know you won’t be disappointed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

– Laura, Gold Coast, September 2011

“Thanks Janey for your amazing work. The scarring in my eyebrow did nothing for my confidence and I wasn’t sure how my eyebrows could accentuate my face. Leaving my eyebrows and full eyeliner to you has given me results far beyond my expectations. There’s a big day coming up for my partner and me, we’re very happy thank you for everything!”
– Mel, Business Owner, Gold Coast, September 2011

“Janey made me relaxed and confident before, during and after my eyebrow tattooing process. I came in feeling nervous and unsure of the outcome, but walked out happy and confident in her ability to make my brows a really beautiful part of my face. After the healing stages are fully over, they look fabulous! Exactly what I wanted. Thank you Janey :)”
– Jackie, Cake Maker & Decorator, Brisbane, September 2011

“I came expecting a new look cosmetic tattoo, but left with an incredible and touching experience in the nature of relaxation and peace. Thank you – I now have a souveneir of this experience in the form of gorgeous new eyes.”
– Monique, Sea World, Gold Coast , July 2011

“I wish I had my eyeliner applied sooner! The procedure itself wasn’t painful and the result is great. Janey is professional with a calm and friendly manner, putting you very much at ease.  Janey takes the time to discuss the procedure with you and is happy to answer any questions you may have. Janey was also happy to show me the results as we went along, to make sure things were progressing as I wanted. Thankyou Janey and see you again soon…”
– Tracey, Rhodes NSW, July 2011

“WOW i love my lips thanks for being so understanding and the colour is perfect. It’s amazing how the colour of my lips can put that sparkle back in my face. I will definitely be back for my eyebrows. Thanks again.”
– Tracey, Administration, Gold Coast May 2011

“I’m very happy with the work Janey has done. I no longer feel the need to put a ‘face’ on to carry on with the everyday things such as breeding my dogs, shopping and working. I love my upper and lower eyeliner and the way my brows were re-shaped and cosmetically tattooed. I’ve always liked to look my best, and now my face has that definition I feel has been missing out on for so long.”

– Rhonda, Peak Crossing, QLD, May 2011

“I’ve always wanted to be able to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night with eyeliner on, as it really improves my looks. Now thanks to Janey’s expertise my wish has come true! Making the appointment with Janey and having cosmetic eyeliner procedure was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m thrilled with the result! I feel beautiful and happy every time I look in the mirror and see my new and improved eyes. My boyfriend loves my eyes and is constantly telling me how pretty I look. Even my friends and family have been commenting on how nice my ‘eyeliner’ is and they ask me how I get the lines so perfect! I just can’t express enough what a difference the cosmetic eyeliner has made to my life and how I good I feel about myself every day”

– Christina Clark. The Treasury Casino, Gold Coast, April 2011

“Janey, you’ve done it again! I was so thrilled with my eyeliner…done several months ago, but I must admit my eyebrows are simply stunning! When you said we would “make beautiful eyebrows together” …you were absolutely spot on. My darling mum, at nearly 84 years of age. is also extremely happy with her eyebrows and need never struggle with an eyebrow pencil again. Thanks so much Janey…from both of us!
– Theatre Nurse, Gold Coast, December 2010

“Hi Janey, Have been meaning to write for days now. My lips turned out beautiful. Totally natural looking, and very much more alive. Thank you…”
– Anonymous. Gold Coast, October 2010

“This is to authorise Janey to use my photo on any internet or promotional items that will benefit her services. I came to her and was pretty well down with myself and she worked on me to give me my new eyebrows, lips, and top and bottom eyelid permanent makeup – and I now feel a million dollars. She is a wonderful, wonderful person who is so caring. I have never come across this in my ten years of having permanent makeup. Her work is absolutely perfect and with precision. I will be in constant contact with Janey as she is a lovely person who just happens to be a wonderful artist.”

– Andrea Shields, Credit Control Administrator, Gold Coast, August 2010

“Just letting you know that my lips and beauty spot still look lovely and have saved me so much time in the mornings. I still wear lippie but it looks so much better now that i have a ready made lip line already there! Most of all, thank you for listening to my request of having something subtle but enhancing rather than a line that stands out as artificial. It is exactly what I was hoping for.”

– Helen, July 2010

“I’ve just always appreciated the youthful look that freckles can give, and you gave that back to me! Thank you.”

Kathy, Designer, Gold Coast, June 2010

“I just thought I would pop you a line or 2 to say thanks so much for taking the time, effort and professionalism involved in doing my eyeliner. It was really wonderful to know that you knew exactly what I wanted and were not satisfied with the end result, until I was! To be perfectly honest, it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, but I was so impressed that you in no way tried to hurry me and really put me at ease, so that even though the procedure wasn’t finished in one sitting, I was at no time really uncomfortable, and the result is just stunning. I love the fact that I get up in the morning, put on a touch of eyeshadow & mascara…and I am ready for the day…it’s just fabulous and I simply can’t thank you enough. Thanks Janey…I will be back! Lynne xxx”

– Lynne, Theatre Nurse, Gold Coast, April 2010

“I have been in the beauty business a long time on the coast and have seen a lot of ladies with Permanent Make-up. Janey’s work is the best I have seen.”
– Jenny Rando, Face & Body Image, Gold Coast

“Janey has changed my life. Looks shouldn’t really matter but they are important for self-confidence. It is such a relief to finally find a professional that is not just doing the work for money and actually listens to what you want. I had my eyebrows done and although they are still a work in progress I am very satisfied with the work. Janey is very easy to talk to and is a fantastic artist. I would recommend her to anyone who was considering cosmetic tattooing.”
Jasmine, Secretary, Brisbane

“I’m a first time mum and enjoy wearing cosmetics but am too busy now. I was presented with a gift voucher for permanent makeup and any initial apprehension was soon overcome by Janey’s approach.  My eyebrows were shaped and colour implanted to how I like to wear them everyday and the final result is soft and stunning. It makes sense to have permanent makeup to save time and money.  I also love this natural, finished look, with no apparent effort on my part…great when you’re a new mum.”

– Jessica Ryall, Nerang, Gold Coast.

“Janey has a natural flair and eye to what she does so well – Cosmetic Tattoo! I have had my eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner and full lips done by Janey. These are the best beauty decisions I have made for myself over the years by far. I feel confident and attractive in my everyday life with the careful work Janey did. Her listening skills, sensitivity, humour and professional expertise ensured I was relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedures, and the results have actually far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much Janey”

Kate O’Brien, Benowa, Gold Coast

“Thank you so much for yesterday, you truly made me feel comfortable and confident during the process I love my eyeliner it looks great, I feel like a new person, Thank you.”
Sandi: Manager Crystal Waters Soap & Dance Teacher

“Janey has been a God-send to me. I found Janey on the internet, and was so encouraged and delighted with the results after my first consultation and following procedure. Janey’s positive and professional opinion and approach put me at ease. I am looking great and feeling wonderfully confident. In summary, I highly recommend Janey. Her skill, understanding caring and nature, plus her after-care is excellence itself. Thank you again Janey.”

 – Karen White: Medical Receptionist, Brisbane

“What Janey did for me was fantastic and I’d recommend her to anyone wanting permanent makeup. People noticed my eyebrows right away and asked whether I’d had them shaped and tinted. I told them I’d had cosmetic tattoo! My brows were untidy and misshapen through years of tweezing and were a constant source of frustration to me. Now they’re just  there everyday, looking natural and perfect. I’m rapt!!

– Leanne Rank, Golden Cuts, Nerang, Gold Coast

“I came across Janey after looking for a permanent make up artist for more than two years. Under Janey’s care, I have the look I’ve tried hard to achieve and wanted for so long. I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity for anything…. this is the new me!!”

Jane Irvine, Drama teacher, Isle of Capri, Gold Coast

“Janey is a real suprise package. I went to see her for some eyebrows. Previously I just had what I called ‘tuffs’ and was thrilled with what Janey had created. Arriving home I looked in the mirror and amused myself by raising my left eyebrow up and down for a few minutes, chuckling. I had not been able to do that before, (yes, I’m easily amused). Anyway, it’s now been well over a year and I still love to see I have eyebrows. thank you Janey, I’m very, happy.”

June Trenwyth-Morgan, Designer, Molendiner, Gold Coast

Good job well done Janey. The whole procedure for future clients should be approached without trepidation. A little bit of smarting and tingling but no pain per se. The end result is very much worth the effort. I am an almost 75 year old person and I do not consider myself vain but I am vision impaired and, a girl needs her eyebrows! Janey is a very gentle, relaxing person and puts one at ease immediately. I could not reccomend her more highly. See you soon Janey for my touch-up.

Pamela Marquet, Hervey Bay

Dear Janey, I,m back in NZ safe and sound, loving my new eyes. They’ve settled beautifully, and I’ve had no problems at all. They are a little itchy which tells me they are healing, so all is good. People look at me and think its my new hair do that has changed my look and I kid you not, they are knocking 25 years off my life.  Once again I’m loving the new look and look forward to seeing you again which I will up date you on as soon as I know when I’m able to. Cheers. Have a great new year.
Ngaio, New Zealand

Thank you for all the care and attention you showed me while on the Gold Coast. Even after the one appointment the colour and shape of my lips are just perfect… perfect! It’s made such a difference to my life and I’m very, very happy. Thanks again Janey.

Rosemary, Diamond Hill, Melbourne