Various cosmetic tattoo procedures for lips come with various names. When you come in for lip colour tattooed on your lips, you will have most likely thought about it for a long time prior to your appointment. It is important to know what you are wanting.

Many of you want fuller lips, that is, a vermillion border that gives top lip symmetricity in relation to the lower lip (or if you like, visa-versa). Another request is lipline + colour blended to reduce the expectation of makeup bleeding into fine lines or heavier wrinkles. Scarring on the lip is common through misadventures, accidents, surgery.

A soft and natural correction to the lip border can make all the difference in the world. Faded and a ‘not really there’ set of lips can be more vibrant or pale and pretty especially with some moisturiser or lip gloss.

I say many times, lip tattoo does not give a lipstick look but allows you to feel especially good even with a super soft and natural look. Further appointments will of course give you more colour, more coverage…will last longer. It does depend what you want.

In the cosmetic tattoo world, we know everyone is different. Every one heals differently, and the healing agenda is not hard and fast. That is the beauty of it all! Colours are custom blended, and never look as they do in a bottle, or even on top of the skin.

Lip colour is tattooed on the outermost layer of the dermis and a lot of your appointment time will be having you comfortable.

The next important step is keeping your lip tattoo clean and expecting some swelling. Most clients love this part although swell does disappear in 3 or 4 days. When exfoliation is finished and lips no longer look and feel like chapped skin, they can look too light. Wait a few more weeks and up to 12 weeks after your final procedure for the shape, shade and convenience of lip makeup tattoo.

Cheers, and stay extra safe during this lockdown.