How do you like the idea of being able to sit and discuss shapely brows, tattoo eyeliner styled for you, and blushy lips you thought you’d lost forever? Corrections and removal of outdated tattoo makeup and mishaps from past places and times are available for you here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. A fresh look may mean ‘refreshing’ or trying semi-permanent tattoo for the first time. It means enquiring about Plasma Fibroblasting or having a potential hair micropigmentation procedure made clearer for you. Visit our sister sites for more…

August is a seriously good time to look at all of the above. We have been known to give sample treatments, if we know it helps in understanding a particular procedure.

See you in August!



With Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo being well underway for quite a few years, we are always advising regarding cosmetic tattoo and it’s after-care.

Micro-blading, micro-feathering, feathering and semi-permanent makeup, call it what you will is still implanting cosmetic tattoo pigments superficially (between the dermal and epidermal layer) into the skin. These are implemented with a small tool into which a needle assembly is inserted, or a small machines are used, depending on the procedure required.

Considering the structure of your skin, you may be advised to ‘dry-heal’ your tattoo in which case you will keep the tattooed area as free from ointments or water as possible. Any makeup or lotions apart from those suggested at the time of your session should be left until after the areas have healed. This would usually be one to two weeks. If after-care cream is suggested. Please use sparingly, night and morning, and during the day for comfort.

Your skin will be settled and well ready to receive your 2nd procedure, 2 to 8 weeks after the first.

Please do not try to hurry the peeling process. Sometimes people cannot help but pick or rub the area. I understand, however it is worth waiting for your cosmetic tattoo to gently exfoliate on its own.  At the sign of any infection, contact your pharmacist or cosmetic tattooist.

If your semi-permanent makeup is unbearably itchy, a sign it is healing nicely, a little coconut oil should suffice. Be aware that workouts, swimming, sauna, tanning beds or sun, does not help your skin retain your new tattoo makeup. I often suggest an SPF balm, especially for your beautiful new brows.

Most salons will advise you to wait for their skin treatments, knowing you have had, or are preparing to see a cosmetic tattooist.

Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo uses iron oxide free pigments and always the very latest pigments to suit your skin type.

Consultations are always generous and free.





All mums’ appreciate the thoughtful gift of a cosmetic tattoo procedure. For the month of May and June we are offering $50 off your mum’s brow tattoo procedure. Cosmetic tattoo is also called micro-blading, semi-permanent makeup, waterproof makeup, tattoo makeup, and feathering, among other references. Techniques and tools may differ but we are still talking about tattoo. Gone are the days though, of harsh tattoo inks on the face. Instead you have soft, pretty and compatible colours. At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo pigments are individually blended, and iron oxide free.

We will listen to you and offer ideas or suggestions if you wish,  to enhance your face with semi-permanent tattoo.

Just mention this blog, and there will be $50 off a new eyebrow 2nd procedure. A 2nd procedure is standard to a finished look. In some cases of cosmetic tattoo, following sessions are important, especially for corrective tattoo or more detailed work.

It’s just a phone call or email for a chat. Remember consultations are free.



Some people want to know why I cannot give them brows, liners and beauty marks that last forever.  There have been times I’ve thought myself, ‘ I’d love this microblading to stay as dark and strong as today’.  There is good reason though, why you wouldn’t want this to happen.  We do actually age. Unbelievable, but true! Recently I was glad to have the skill to remove and adjust my very own eyeliner wings, and glad that makeup tattoo pigments are not made to last.

Cosmetic Tattoo pigments are made up of both tertiary colours which are a combination of primary and secondary colours, which gives a soft, natural healed look in the skin.   Body tattoo inks have primary (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colours (green, orange and purple).  These are brighter… great on the body but not ideal on the face.  Apart from that, traditional inks hardly fade out.  Through my own experience I am able to know when and where to end flicks, curves and wings on you…and if you do insist; they can be subtly erased at the right time.  As well, the gentler fade of semi-permanent makeup, means brows, lips, and eyes can be maneuvered to what’s new.  Tattoo makeup is unique in that it can change superbly with you.

Enjoy February ’18.



In a way, it’s now or never  to make the tattoo makeup decision!  An exaggeration really, but so many times I have clients’ say “I wish I’d done this years ago” or, “I’ve always been too scared to have a cosmetic tattoo”.

Comfort has come a long way in the cosmetic tattoo business and nowadays one should not have to feel more than minor discomfort whilst having semi-permanent makeup procedures.  At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, the aim over many years is for you to enjoy the experience as well as the outcome.

Makeup tattoo is usually not a spur of the moment thing and conservative choices are the way to go initially.  That’s why there’s such a choice as tattooed eyelash enhancement which is subtle darkening through the lash line.  You may likely become bolder over time, and see that semi-permanent tattoo is exactly that, semi-permanent.  In a year or so when your cosmetic tattoo fades, your ideas on style may change as well.  That’s part of the magic!

Getting back to the pain issue; a little discomfort is likely at first, everyone is unique.  Still, you may chat as we go, or just fall asleep as some of my clients do!




A couple of days ago a visitor from the other side of the world requested freckle tattoo. Yes, freckles! I have cosmetically tattooed many freckles, but now more than ever it’s jumped from being a mildly different speciality to totally IN.  I have to say, they look very cute and fresh on my 20something client. They’ll be soft and just a light dapple in a few days.  I’m hoping work won’t take priority, and we’ll get an update.  As for beauty mark tattoo, always popular, and varying ideas on eyeliner tattoo makeup, my clients are forever imaginative but carefully exploratory.  Cosmetic tattoo or semi-permanent makeup is just the best for professionals and busy people.  I thought one day soon, my own love for lipstick may dissolve as I refreshed full lip tattoo on myself days before Christmas.  Now healed, it looks pretty, and I’ve had zero concern for my lips whilst hugging and dining and snacking.  The magic of tattoo makeup!

It’s just past midnight. Wishing you a superb New Year!




How many of you know of someone who has had some poor or downright awful cosmetic tattoo? It’s happening more and more unfortunately and it’s something that you the aware client is anxious to fix. When I see these problem eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, I want to redesign and colour correct your tattoo makeup quickly for you. In the first rectification procedure you will feel your confidence return as I neutralise and reshape. This first procedure is usually followed by two to five sessions at ‘refresh’ prices. Corrective cosmetic tattoo does need upkeep as much as any semi-permanent makeup. Booster, or refresher prices are minimal and procedures easy to organise at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.

Yearly top-ups are the opportunities for redesign and colour change as well. Smiles all around!




Minimal cosmetic tattoo works well when you have been pondering on having it done for a long time, or a long, long time!

Semi-permanent eyelash enhancement always gives a low key, fine look.  It’s a look that says you have cared to make the effort.  In most cases one cannot tell if you have softly drawn or painted through the lashes or allowed for cosmetic tattoo to relieve you of the task. Much of the time you will decide later to have more, after realising how easy it all is.  I say, take as long as you need before you embark on a wide eyeliner look and for sure wide eyebrows.

Fashion changes, as hard to believe it, it is true.  It’s also hard to imagine in the future that you may want your hair to be the natural blond it once was, rather than black or vice versa.  You are always safe with a conservative makeup tattoo look that you can vamp up at night or other special times, or just change.

Life is forever changing and the beauty of tattoo makeup is that pigments nowadays let you adjust your cosmetic makeup choices more readily.  Careful brow, eyeliner and lip designs and colours make it easier to refresh to whatever you think you might fancy.  When it comes to queries about semi-permanent makeup  (and medical tattoo) I’ll be glad to help.

Welcome April, cheers,





It’s always interesting when you come in requesting something a little different. Whilst you may ask for a simple and effective cosmetic tattoo refresh, subtle semi-permanent lip liner, wider brows than last year or extra shading around the eyes with cosmetic tattoo, you may want to come in with a query.

Cosmetic tattoo is so clever it can symmetrically enhance your left and right features. You know the left and right sides of your face are different;  that’s why so many of you are frustrated with the eyebrow makeup.  I enjoy helping with this forever dilemma! It’s extra special though when a client comes in with a noticeably smaller right or left eye, or noticeably flatter or uneven lip-line.  Sure, most of you have one smaller, higher, lower or thinner eyebrow.  It’s normal, but this really is when cosmetic tattoo can do great things.

Semi-permanent makeup  can give you the confidence by staying on day after day, month after month.  No-one need know your clever tattoo-makeup sorted out what nature seemingly overlooked.  A good example is when one of my clients came back for a refresh to her eyeliner and shading.  I had forgotten this pretty woman had natural unequally shaped eyes, as the cosmetic tattoo had  done a fine job of simply giving her beautiful eyes.  The best part as I always say, is that it matters not where my client is or in what circumstances, her tattoo makeup will not embarrassingly rub off.  I heard recently how a nurse tried wiping one of my clients’  lip tattoo before surgery. This must happen frequently.

I thought I’d give all of the above a mention, as my lady with ‘the eyes’ reminded me a few days ago how she gives thanks every day to having symmetrical eyes!  Perhaps this is not only done with cosmetic tattoo but for sure, it is usually easily done with cosmetic tattoo.  Phone, or come in for a free consultation.  I’m always glad to chat , if it helps.


How was the trip? It was cold! Below zero often but the road up to Scotland, Sterling and the Highlands was excellent and made things easy. The whole place is just steeped in history, you can just hear the pipes on Rannoch Moors! An unforgettable experience.

Everywhere we went I was intrigued with the light. On a practical level – not easy for any woman any age to apply makeup. Hotels were the most obvious places I noticed where good light is lacking, in spite of great bathrooms!  Hardly a problem with semi-permanent makeup when done well though.  You may always feel confident knowing everything is in place and you just look naturally great.

Cosmetic tattoo is such an advantage whilst travelling.  When you are expected to be out the door and to the lounge for breakfast by 7am, the last thing you want to be doing is messing with makeup.   Remember too, I was with my partner an ever impatient and enthusiastic male!  I was constantly thankful for the miraculous sweep of blush, and slick of lipstick (provided there was another moment).  Semi- permanent makeup does give you that edge every time.

A point.  Extremes of weather you will see your tattooed makeup (on lips) change colour as your skin changes.  You may want to add a warmer or cooler slick of gloss or lipstick. However, your tattoo makeup is always there especially when you need it regardless.  We can also take it for granted when we are busy.  It can still be a surprise when someone says how nice your brows or lips are.

London was a very quick visit but G took me about places I hadn’t seen the last times. You’d be hard pressed to find a typical looking Brit in London now.  There seems to be a lot of change in these cobble stoned inner city streets now and as usual, lots of interest with the ancient and fashionably new.

We spent two or three hours at Kenwood House alone at Hampstead Heath. It was great because we found a place to park nearby (remember it was freeeezing)and the grounds were like an old world painting in itself.  There are so many exhibitions and galleries just in London and loads of parks to hang out, but I was soaware one needs someone who knows the area. Plus our hire car had chatterbox telling us exactly which way was best which was a godsend.

We came back to a heat wave!  That’s Australia, where cosmetic tattoo is a necessity.

Next month I’ll talk about balancing features with makeup tattoo, as many of my clients come in with irregular shaped eye, brows and lips that make all the difference in the world when corrected.

Have a fun March, we’re here the weather is cooling at last.  I’m always happy to chat and explain procedures, if you would like to phone or email.