The main request whilst talking with ‘to be’ clients is “can you make my brows look natural?”.   The answer is yes!  That is precisely what we aim for at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.  What I’d  want to see with my own eyebrows for example, is something subtle, yet defined in colour and form.   Strong brows look wonderful on the right face too as long as the cosmetically tattooed brow strokes are looked at with admiration not curiosity!  Many of you mention how this person or that person commented on your makeup or brows after your procedures here.  They are actually seeing your natural looking tattoo makeup. That is what we want.

I once read that women dress really for each other.  Is it because we know what each other respect and appreciate and we know the effort that goes with all of that.

I do love to see is my daughter, tired from the on-goings with her own beauty work and young children, wipe and  rub her eyes.  Jess knows her brows and wide eye-liner don’t rub off!

It’s also nice to see your fears disappear when we first design and choose colour, then do a few tattooed hair strokes to let you see how the process will go.  Sure it takes a little more time but very soon you smile and relax.  That’s nice!

Every brow is designed at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, there are no stencils here.   If particular requests for tattoo makeup are made, we do want we can to please.  Keep expectations reasonable.

There are just a few short weeks left till Christmas, do call for a talk or book in.   Cosmetic tattoo, tattoo embroidery, semi-permanent makeup – it is all cosmetic tattoo, with another name.   We rarely hear of micro-pigmentation, but that too is cosmetic tattoo.

Hear from you soon,