Thankfully now the latest cosmetic tattoo pigments do not last forever. We use softer, more gentle colours to ensure features are not overwhelmed with. That’s how it should be anyway! We at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, do however welcome those of you who had poorly administered micropigmentation many moons ago…or even fairly recently. We don’t always know what pigments were used but we are able to make great improvements on the previous work, over time. Even tiny well thought out rectifications are so worth while. It is a process, often over many months so don’t up on yourself. After tattoo removal, your skin needs to relax and heal. You also need to trust the process.

Trusting the process: This means trust your cosmetic tattoo artist when she says, this is a process that may take several visits. In between procedures, your skin needs time to expel old colour and repair. Your skin will do a great job at that with aftercare, which includes keeping the areas clean.

Sometimes, you will need some tattoo removal, sometimes complete tattoo removal so a healed rejuvenated base is left to etch a brand new brow.

Sometimes all that is necessary is colour correction only.

Colour correction of brows, lips, and eyeliner can be stunning. A refresh and making small alterations 6mthly or yearly is imperative to keep the colour lively and the features interesting. It is well worth it! Just as you would want to refresh colour in your hair.

We will always talk with you about correction work There is always a remedy.