On Mothers Day, May 12th traditionally our mum or a much loved friend or female family members are recognised, honoured and appreciated on this day. Usually it’s with gifts, lunch and brunches and flowers.  When I was a kid I presented my mum with a potted Chrysanthemum and little presents. So much time was taken to wrap these with ribbons and flowers. It was a thrilling time for both of us, and my mum loved the special sentimentality of that day.

Here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, the Mothers’ Day appointment is likely to be for semi-permanent eyebrows. It’s probably the most popular, with semi-permanent eyeliner  a close second. If ladies were perhaps more aware that numbing by injection precedes the lip procedures, they would probably opt for lipliner/blend or full lip makeup tattoo just as readily.

This is organized for you at little extra cost. Whatever procedure you wish to gift,

it will be done with great care, experience and thought.

What you will have too for that special day is coffee (or tea) and something sweet and delicious to go with it. Usually, home-made and diet, or allergy friendly. So whatever day you book, do let me know that it is a Mothers’ Day appointment.

Phone Janey for extra special prices for May.

All the best for one of my favourite months!


Ps. In our May newsletter I shall be talking about sensitive skins and why more

clients are choosing micro-pigmentation.