Hello everyone,

Just to let you know that our  July offer, for semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo makeup is still going strong. There are always two procedures, the second session usually a few weeks later, where the original work is perfected. More on that soon.

Upper and Lower cosmetic tattoo Eyeliner is always popular, as when ladies come in for either, or, invariably they
come back for the ‘other half’ to be done. To make this easier, our lovely August offer is
available, probably just when you need it.

Not all upper and lower eyeliners are treated the same! Women do love black, or rich deep colours on their upper lids; but sometimes these are too dark on the lowers and do little to open up and enhance the eye. There are many variations on applying semi-permanent pigment but often the lower lids are made to appear softer, gentler or more ‘brushed’, or smudged, although sometimes the best look is little more than a pencil thin stroke. They are custom stroked to suit the face, and as individual as the top eyelid.

Now, why are there two procedures? The first one is almost like a rough draft although they can often look well finished. Still, after the second appointment
there is quite a difference. Brows and lids have thickened or are slightly less, or more, defined. Highlight or an extra colour may have been added, or they require a deepening effect. Always, less is better on the first appointment even if you are excited but not sure entirely what you want.

Lip tattoo makeup is often subdued but defined on the first appointment, only to be brightened or
enhanced again as you have gotten used to your new look. Layering colours gives a beautiful effect.

Singapore, by the way was exquisite, green and lush, eco-friendly, fascinating, serene, up to the minute, and so much fun. Women everywhere had beautifully designed brows – cosmetically tattooed.

Looking forward to seeing you, as usual!