The last several minutes of your micro-tattoo makeup procedure/s include a soothing cool pack. This may or may not make a big difference to swelling but ahhh it does feel good and clients often comment on how peaceful and relaxing the surrounds are. Many fall asleep, in which case a few extra minutes are often appreciated.

Keep your new cosmetic tattoo comfortable for the duration of the outer healing which is 3 to 5 days and up to 10 days. Wipe the brows frequently with a lubricating, or water wipe to clear any lymph fluid that surfaces over the first 24-48 hours. Bepanthen cream is recommended for the first 3 days, and any light medication you normally use for pain such as paracetamol may be used. Lubricating eye drops may be used for sensitive, mildly irritated or dry eyes after eye-liner procedures. If you have recently had micro pigmentation avoid lighteners, exfoliates, acids or friction or treatments including the above. Teeth whitening is best left for another time, and even toothpaste is too abrasive on the mouth.

Be gentle with yourself after your semi-permanent tattoo. This is also a time to take responsibility – not to be overtly attentive, but to let nature take it’s course in healing, with your care.

If you must use mascara, then please buy a new easily removed product and apply a third of the way back from the tips. Remove carefully with a soft wash.

No to contact lenses during the work. You may reintroduce your lenses 24 hours after the cosmetic tattoo eye-liner.

Avoid over activity for the first couple of days and stay away from areas that simply put, are dirty or spread germs.

Do not swim in any type of water for a good couple of weeks.

A light shower on the face, or mild wash is all that is required once or twice a day. No rubbing and friction. Do not agitate the skin in any way. Non alcohol cleansers or soap and water is quite adequate, finishing with soft pats to dry the area.

Colour retention is helped by being aware and protecting the skin from sun before and after healing. Sunglasses, caps and hats and sunblock are necessary. Makeup tattoo of course does fade, especially the lighter and softer colours if exposed to the sun. Medications, some skin preparations and skin type all play their part. Cosmetic tattoo is designed to make your life easier, but does deserve some attention, including re-enhancements after a year or 17 months that make all the difference again.

Lips being so tender, can feel vulnerable for a couple of days. Swelling is more than likely and care should be taken eating and drinking. Spicy salty foods can bite back, and even drinks are best consumed through a straw. Moving and smoothing the after-care cream slowly and gently on your mouth can feel soothing and moisturising. Around day 3 pt 4 as with most semi-permanent tattoo, peeling begins. While peeling, the lips feel dry and parched, and for some time afterwards as well. It takes 8 to 12 weeks to feel as if they truly are part of you. Do not spoil the cosmetic tattoo by trying to hurry the exfoliation. Phone me regarding any tingling or burning or anything unusual during what should be the settling down period, or see a pharmacist or doctor.

By being aware, caring for what you requested, and taking steps to replenish colour by regular micro pigmentation, life is simpler, and your face colour kissed.

Cheers and be well,


Welcome to Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo and February!

The year has already brought many changes to so many of you. Good changes I hope. For others, we know that good things can come from all experiences even so it doesn’t always appear to be true.

I want to say thank you for trusting and understanding that brow work does not happen overnight! Beautiful micro pigmented brows, eyes, lips and scalps, come with your time and effort as well as ours at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. Many of you have had poor work done elsewhere. This takes time to lift old pigment and repair then re-tattoo. All cosmetic tattoo procedures can be costly as you rarely have just one session. These sessions can be spread over many weeks or months. We like to bring about changes in a subtle and natural way which means that soft and pretty features are the ultimate goal. We love to free-style your design and use many techniques that come with years of experience.

Pixel work, shading, Nano blading, micro-blading, Ombre and powder brows are produced by understanding how different procedures work on different skins. However cosmetic tattoo artists are not magicians and second and third procedures are often the norm for gradual layering of semi-permanent tattoo strokes, shading and colour.

Having said that, often we are called ‘magicians’ or ‘true artists’ because results can be delightful very quickly. Every skin has it’s own idiosyncrasies just as has your left and right sides of your face and body does.

Your skin may require exquisite machine work, fine nano or pixel cosmetic tattoo with more than one or two tattoo needle assemblies or particular strokes suited only to you. Your face and scalp tattoo may also require natural vegetable oxide-free pigments.

Your proceure Ywill be shown to you as you ask throughout, or the mirror may be held up for you to see how you are looking! This reduces anxiety and allow you to in many cases sleep or doze.

Remember, all micropigmentation takes time to heal, peel, show true colour and look fabulously natural.

Call or message to chat and ask about anything to do with micropigmentation. We will always chat, if not immediately, when it is possible on the same day.

Cheers and Happy February!


How do you like the idea of being able to sit and discuss shapely brows, tattoo eyeliner styled for you, and blushy lips you thought you’d lost forever? Corrections and removal of outdated tattoo makeup and mishaps from past places and times are available for you here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. A fresh look may mean ‘refreshing’ or trying semi-permanent tattoo for the first time. It means enquiring about Plasma Fibroblasting or having a potential hair micropigmentation procedure made clearer for you. Visit our sister sites for more…

August is a seriously good time to look at all of the above. We have been known to give sample treatments, if we know it helps in understanding a particular procedure.

See you in August!



All mums’ appreciate the thoughtful gift of a cosmetic tattoo procedure. For the month of May and June we are offering $50 off your mum’s brow tattoo procedure. Cosmetic tattoo is also called micro-blading, semi-permanent makeup, waterproof makeup, tattoo makeup, and feathering, among other references. Techniques and tools may differ but we are still talking about tattoo. Gone are the days though, of harsh tattoo inks on the face. Instead you have soft, pretty and compatible colours. At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo pigments are individually blended, and iron oxide free.

We will listen to you and offer ideas or suggestions if you wish,  to enhance your face with semi-permanent tattoo.

Just mention this blog, and there will be $50 off a new eyebrow 2nd procedure. A 2nd procedure is standard to a finished look. In some cases of cosmetic tattoo, following sessions are important, especially for corrective tattoo or more detailed work.

It’s just a phone call or email for a chat. Remember consultations are free.



In a way, it’s now or never  to make the tattoo makeup decision!  An exaggeration really, but so many times I have clients’ say “I wish I’d done this years ago” or, “I’ve always been too scared to have a cosmetic tattoo”.

Comfort has come a long way in the cosmetic tattoo business and nowadays one should not have to feel more than minor discomfort whilst having semi-permanent makeup procedures.  At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, the aim over many years is for you to enjoy the experience as well as the outcome.

Makeup tattoo is usually not a spur of the moment thing and conservative choices are the way to go initially.  That’s why there’s such a choice as tattooed eyelash enhancement which is subtle darkening through the lash line.  You may likely become bolder over time, and see that semi-permanent tattoo is exactly that, semi-permanent.  In a year or so when your cosmetic tattoo fades, your ideas on style may change as well.  That’s part of the magic!

Getting back to the pain issue; a little discomfort is likely at first, everyone is unique.  Still, you may chat as we go, or just fall asleep as some of my clients do!



If you are already a client at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, you may love the opportunity to have a free Cosmetic Tattoo boost in October.  This is a great way to encourage a pal (for example, this could be an aunt or work colleague ) to stop talking about getting her brows done – to getting her brows done!

The days of the big brow are not necessarily over, except you do have so much more choice. How about the semi-permanent tattoo that is gorgeously right for you. If you are not sure, phone for a chat or come in for a free consultation.

all the best for October,






Minimal cosmetic tattoo works well when you have been pondering on having it done for a long time, or a long, long time!

Semi-permanent eyelash enhancement always gives a low key, fine look.  It’s a look that says you have cared to make the effort.  In most cases one cannot tell if you have softly drawn or painted through the lashes or allowed for cosmetic tattoo to relieve you of the task. Much of the time you will decide later to have more, after realising how easy it all is.  I say, take as long as you need before you embark on a wide eyeliner look and for sure wide eyebrows.

Fashion changes, as hard to believe it, it is true.  It’s also hard to imagine in the future that you may want your hair to be the natural blond it once was, rather than black or vice versa.  You are always safe with a conservative makeup tattoo look that you can vamp up at night or other special times, or just change.

Life is forever changing and the beauty of tattoo makeup is that pigments nowadays let you adjust your cosmetic makeup choices more readily.  Careful brow, eyeliner and lip designs and colours make it easier to refresh to whatever you think you might fancy.  When it comes to queries about semi-permanent makeup  (and medical tattoo) I’ll be glad to help.

Welcome April, cheers,





I decided to add a last minute blog for May as my tablet has been at the shop for repair and my May blog disappeared!  So here are a few thoughts.

I’ve been asked about micro blading a lot lately.  Micro blading is another name for cosmetic tattoo hair-strokes, feathering, eyebrow embroidery, micro-pigmentation and the list goes on. It’s when semi-permanent tattoo is applied with a hand-tool.

A beautiful and very natural technique we do at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is ‘sketching’.  When an eyebrow is sketched with the right apparatus, extra fine hairs are ‘built’ into a brow design that will have you fascinated.  Every technique done here requires two sessions.  The first sketching heals in fine brow hair,  and the result is extra subtle which is great for you ladies who are nervous about tattoo makeup.

Makeup tattoo is exactly that – Tattoo but our pigments are a far cry from body tattoo inks (which are right for body tattoos).  Cosmetic tattoo pigments age with you, so as  your skin alters along with eyebrow, eye and lips shape it is easy to transform fading colour into what is right for you now and later.

As with all cosmetic tattoo even beauty spots, we start conservatively.  Always, but always a good idea!  Soft natural shapes can change with just a few extra strokes into chic or seductive. Sometimes it takes only one or two tiny additions to make that difference.  I especially enjoy the face that lends itself to a special individual look.

All this is done with semi-permanent tattoo that lasts months and years depending on your skin and is in most cases, virtually pain-free.

We suggest maintenance each year at minimal cost.

Call us, and cheers for June coming up.




I had one of my regular clients come in the other day for semi-permanent tattoo.  Regular in that Dianne has her eyebrows revamped every year (for the last 7 years).  It was interesting because this now friend commented how aging some brows are!  What on earth does she mean?  Well, eyebrows are telling in many ways and we females are not often blessed with  beautifully shaped brows.   Sometimes the natural brow gives a woman an unhappy, angry, or  soulful look.  I say that because frequently that’s exactly what my new clients say they want rid of when they phone me for tattoo makeup.  Another reason is the over-plucked, pencil thin brow that seems to never grow back.

A few days ago I had a lovely cosmetic tattoo client lament on her downward cast brows. Desperate now, as surgery was suggested to lift her young forehead, she phoned me.  When I met her soon after the call, I asked her if her Mum and  Grandmother had the same brows. ‘Yes!’ she said.  After the usual two hour cosmetic tattoo session, this medic student was ecstatic. Before I had time to ask how she was the next day, she had already texted to say how she couldn’t stop looking at them!  That’s lovely, absolutely great!

The same goes for the Indian girl who had a blush of warmth put through her lips for the second time yesterday, giving her confidence to meet up with relatives back home next week. Cosmetic tattoo gives you so much, and often just when you need it.  My client has her magnificent eyes enhanced with eyeliner as well…it gives her a truly exotic look; fitting for her particular career in Australia, and enough to make her family go ‘wow!’

Remember, consultations are free – see you soon.






One of the loveliest looks around is Eyelash Enhancement tattoo.  This is a beautiful coverage through the lashes but not above the lash-line.  You might wonder who would favour this procedure rather than a fine liner, but some of you have not wanted to experiment with makeup or don’t really need cosmetics.  Yes, there are those beauties around!

An exceptional advantage of semi-permanent tattoo, or micro-pigmentation, is that you have a different look to traditional makeup.   Although, an observer may suspect but is never quite sure.  Done well, cosmetic tattoo gives a flawless look, and one that works well with those of you who want an almost unmade up look.  I have had this request many times by those who feel uncomfortable with traditional makeup but still want enhanced eyes, brows and lips.

Some of you have Eyelash Enhancement only to find you love the look so much, you want more.  Make sure you indicate just how much more you ‘see’ yourself with, and if in doubt ask for a minimalistic look.  It’s easy to add the little as requested and if little is desired, be sure to stipulate that.

A refresh is a good idea for all semi-permanent cosmetic makeup.  As with any beauty procedure, micro-pigmentation requires repeats after months or years.

Have a safe and happy June!