One of the most asked questions is “how long does the semi-permanent makeup last?”

Every skin is unique which means that question is difficult to answer. I tend to tell my new clients that I don’t really know to be honest, but it depends on various factors and what type of skin you have. Oilier skins can be more resistant to pigment, whilst dry skin and fair skin can gulp and keep colour well. However, that’s not always the case!

Weather has a lot to answer for – sun mostly, and chlorine which is in the ocean, and pools and spas. Medications, skin products, skin exfoliation procedures, chemicals and the natural exfoliation of skin cells, all play their part.

Light colours, especially the range of blonds one may choose from, have a shorter  life span than the mid to darker browns and greys. These are the brows I see more frequently. This is great because while the brows are still there as such, they need refreshing. This is a good time to review the look for example. Some dark haired girls recognise they look sensational with eyebrow colour just a little darker than their skin, rather than dark brown or soft black of previous years.

Darker brows can last two, three, four or five years. Perhaps more, but the brows always look wonderful with a repeat of colour before the ‘should I take the time, or not just now’ attitude.

Black, and rich deep shades of eyeliner tattoo, tend to be more ‘permanent’. I have gorgeous shades that are not too far off black and these can be blended too, with other shades and even a tiny touch of ‘pearl’ to create stunning good looks. How long do they last? Anything up to eighteen years.

Lips can retain their soft, subtle shades for years as well, but semi-permanent makeup is just that, and your lips can stay very pretty with a semi-permanent lip tattoo procedure every eighteen months or so. You will know.

 I have clients who without fail, see me once a year whether it is essential or not. Others call when the semi-permanent colour seems to have lost its zing or if the client would like a change to say, eyebrows to match their hair. Still others will have an idea of softer or more neutral brows, eyes and lips, as they have get older. That is the beauty of semi-permanent tattoo – the tattoo is still there, and looks lovely layered with new, different colour.

As a last note, I have a beautiful range of natural herbal skin care products coming in. These have been carefully and thoroughly researched for quality and results, keeping in mind natural products will help to keep your Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo fresh and lasting. More on Rose Crown skin essentials soon!