hello everyone,

Right now, I feel I’d like to write a book on the interesting people – no, fasinating people I meet in this business. When people feel comfortable with each other, they exchange ideas, thoughts, experiences and stories. I’m privileged to be able to say that cosmetic tattoo, together with my healing work brings about a wealth of the above. Every person has a story, and every person is special, without a doubt. This is why, to design semi-permanent eyebrows, eye-liners,  lip-line and lip-blend, and of course,  full lip tattoo is such an individual thing. They bring out the personality of the individual.

This month and next – Mothers Day remember… we are offering lip-liner and blend which is so popular,  with a half price under-eyeliner. Why underline? Because people seem to forget at times the effect that a soft under-eyeline, or darker (as the upper) can be. We also offer colours that acentuate the colour of the eyes. We can do great things together! I want to emphasise the fact that we do it together. Most ladies come in and inevitably say “I wish I’d done this years ago”. We hear this so often, in fact, all the time.  It’s true, and it’s also my own experience as well, so we understand you. Little by little, we work with the design and colour – nothing is done without y0ur consent and understanding. That way, you can look in the mirror each day and say “Yes, that looks pretty good!” After a short time, you don’t say that, you do tend to take it for granted in a way… and that’s very OK.

So, again, Lipliner and blend is the normal price (look at the site again) and half price for  under eyeliner for April and May.

As a footnote; on leaving, we give you a great little product to use especially after tattoo lip treatments. Mismo Cell Soother is  full of Aloe Vera and MSM. Vitamins A, B, C, E, A mino acids and a range of minerals help rejuvenate cells and soothe the skin.

Looking forward to meeting you, as usual!