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A confidence reducing  problem that can affect all ages seems to be scars of all types. This need not be so of course,  as life brings with it all sorts of unforeseen circumstances and misadventures that can result in marks, scars, and skin colour changes to the face, head,  neck and body.  They can show that a person has had an interesting life!  However,  it is  encouraging to know that scar camouflague with tattoo makeup may indeed bring back a care-free feeling  to those  individuals who require the procedure.

 Eyebrow scars are so common, and the brow area  is vunerable and where the skin easily broken. Hair strokes are placed strategically  into  the missing areas, although care is taken as to assess the individual’s skin condition and age of the scarring  before skin coloured camouflague is used.

Semi-permanent camouflague makeup certainly does have it’s place where skin colour is the answer and especially awkward or obvious areas can be ‘worked’ into eye-shadowing and eyeline colouring as well.  Custom blended natural vegetable pigments gently eases away acne,  sun spots and other marks.  Micro-pigmentation  ‘after-care’  is essential as always.

Recently I went back  for a micro-dermabrasion and gently reminded the professional again that I had a couple of  sun spots semi- permanently tattooed. She assured me the procedure would not damage ‘my work’.  My skin benefited greatly from her treatment, and sure enough, the dark shadows were as good as newly hidden after the repeated once a month sessions. Therefore cosmetic tattoo camouflague  lasts as well as any other cosmetic tattoo procedures. Gladly I’ll pass on the details of this  talented lady. Getting back to blemishes, and scaring –  one need not worry about applying and reapplying makeup to difficult  areas that can sometimes be embarrassing, or at least, disturbing, in fact it they may well be forgotten about after a cosmetic tattoo procedure.

 Men love this work!

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