You may feel you will have to live with your semi-permanent makeup from other places and other times. It makes an astonishing difference though when outdated ideas, colours and shapes are gently removed. We like to give a natural brow look that you can wear anywhere. We do that with microblading, nano-blading, ombre, misting and combinations of procedures. We can always add more tattoo makeup when you are sure it’s a great idea to do so.

Lighter tattoo makeup pigments will require a refresh earlier than darker shades but what is most important is that the original colour will age in a way that pleases you. This is why we carry various lines to suit, including oxide-free tattoo pigments.

Plasma Fibroblasting is a beautiful way to resurface the skin, to ease away lines, unwanted freckles and age spots. So many times we hear people say they wish they had come in years ago. Still, there’s never a better time than right now.

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Brows have always been right up there (excuse the pun) as probably the most popular micro-pigmentation procedure. Once you have had your brows cosmetically tattooed and have followed the aftercare, they do require maintenance just as does any other makeup or health adjustment. Changes in colour and shape are made as you stay in touch with your technician. Those early appointments assess how your skin best reacts to say, organic over inorganic pigments, machine work to hand-tool, as well as to the many facets of your lifestyle. New designs cannot look after themselves, so continue the waxing, tinting and refreshing.

Micropigmentation doesn’t stop at your face. Thinning hair has it’s remedy with Scalp Tattoo. Replication of hair follicles, works beautifully for men and women.

Plasma Fibroblasting is another fabulous procedure where skin only gets better. Eye-lid lifts, lines, wrinkles and skin tightening can have the inner and outer you smiling.

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How do you like the idea of being able to sit and discuss shapely brows, tattoo eyeliner styled for you, and blushy lips you thought you’d lost forever? Corrections and removal of outdated tattoo makeup and mishaps from past places and times are available for you here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. A fresh look may mean ‘refreshing’ or trying semi-permanent tattoo for the first time. It means enquiring about Plasma Fibroblasting or having a potential hair micropigmentation procedure made clearer for you. Visit our sister sites for more…

August is a seriously good time to look at all of the above. We have been known to give sample treatments, if we know it helps in understanding a particular procedure.

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The onset of Winter is magical on the Gold Coast, bringing a gentle rejuvenating peace. It is also a time to prepare ahead, and what comes to mind is the exquisite art of Scalp micro-pigmentation. So many of you have scarce brows but have you turned a blind eye to thinning hair? It’s easy to do when you think there’s no turning back from the results of stress, havoc wrecking hormones and immune system disorders. Scalp tattoo is the implantation of hair follicles with the finest of organic scalp pigments available. Results are youthful, natural for men and women. When you have the hair-line you lost, vulnerability is replaced with confidence and in many cases, radiance.

They sometimes call it Soft Surgery. Plasma Fibroblasting is making life easier and exciting for men and women who want a lifting and tightening procedure that is affordable and in many cases, instant. The areas we treat, from eyelids to sagging arms and tummy have little down time providing you adhere to careful after-care.

As Cosmetic Tattoo continues to become popular, many ladies come to us with ‘not so good’ eyebrow’, eyeliner and lip shapes and colours. Thankfully, help is at hand, with removal or camouflage. Talk with us about Tattoo Correction, Scalp mico-pigmentation and Plasma Fibroblasting. A free consultation is recommended.

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2019 has been an exceptional year. Not only does Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo offer a cosmetic treatment using Plasma to reduce excess skin, tightening and lifting skin in the process…we also understand how scalp micropigmentation has come a long way in creating confidence in males who suffer over premature and baldness through genetics and aging.

Let’s explain. First, Plasma fibroblasting is known as Soft Surgery. A low risk, comfortable, affordable (much more so than surgery) and remarkable treatment for Upper and Under Eyes, Neck Tightening, Tummy tightening among many skin imperfections, including acne scars, skin tags and sun spots. Fibroblasting regenerates collagen and elastin by producing a tiny electrical arc just above the skin. The procedure retracts tissue, tightening the surrounding skin with little down time. Treatments may be 15 to 30 minutes but not longer than an hour. And, it is so relaxing here!

Men often quietly endure years of thinning hair, often starting in their 20’s and even teens. An extraordinary type of micropigmentation especially for the scalp has been around for a few years now. Now more than ever though, with special pigments, lots of skill and patience, a superbly natural finish replaces painfully obvious bald patches and crowns. What has been corrective work for head scars and areas of baldness will this year be full scalp micropigmentation. Watch this space!

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