Hello Everyone,

It was just the other day I dropped in to see Belle, a 30 something young mum.  Littlies around her knees, new pup around her ankles.  However did we do it I thought!  She threw me this jaded look while smoothing her face and rubbing tired eyes whilst I made tea.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, this beautiful lady had had her last eyeliner session done a few days before.

Here it was Cosmetic tattoo at it’s best and most practical.  Too practical for words!!  Belle could converse,  do housework, study, change nappies, walk pup, make dinner and then visit the family with, frankly, no makeup and no fuss, big made-up eyes. Permanent makeup, or more correctly in Australia, semi-permanent makeup was a spontaneous, wonderful, well deserved gift.  What’s more, Belle will most likely have her tattoo makeup for many years to come. Why? A very dark colour was used (after all,  your pupils are black) and yes it was reasonably wide to compliment her otherwise bare eyes.  No cosmetically tattooed flicks, no sweeps, as we like to leave that to you usually. There’s good reason for this by the way.  It can be a nicer look as one ages (we all do that too). This way your cosmetic tattoo does not eventuate into saggy ticks.  Better to add and play with makeup here.

Micro pigmentation ‘Love you’ gifts are to given anytime, to all ages (over 18).

Talk with me.

Happy Spring time!





When you arrive at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, many of you are full of apprehension and/or excitement at having your cosmetic tattoo.  Of course you soon relax (it’s so beautiful here) and I’m listening to what you want and can see right away as well!  During your procedure possibly not much about your ‘after-care’ advice has sunk in.  Here is a simple overview of what you will need to do.

Please keep your semi-permanent makeup clean.  As soon as you walk out of my clinic there are many times you may want to touch your face.  Please wait till you get home or work to wipe away any lymph fluid on brows and apply cream with cotton buds.  I know, it all sounds so alimentary just as not looking in your rear vision mirror at your new brows, but it’s so important!

Bepanthen is ideal for applying to your permanent makeup for the first few days, mainly as it is so soothing and contains an antiseptic.  You may not realize when your makeup tattoo has exfoliated – it will be smooth and shaded (or stroked) as the case may be.  Let your tattoo makeup peel naturally, it will happen in just a few days.  Avoid swimming in any chlorinated water, no sea, or pools until healed and saunas, spa and long showers are best avoided.  Look after the new work and just be sensible.  It’s not long to wait, and very much worth the extra care.

Contact your physician if your tattoo has become red or uncomfortable.  There may be infection.

UV is a common problem for micropigmentation.  Again, look after yourself and use a sun block.

There is usually a degree of swelling on lips and eyes straight after cosmetic tattoo.  You may like to use a cold pack or apply ice for a few seconds at a time.  Again, please cover the items used in Cling Wrap to ensure everything is clean.

It is simple to be aware and again, continue to keep your cosmetic tattoo clean and moisturised after  you leave the clinic.  Simple!








What’s in a name?  Semi-permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation, hair-stroke tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, permanent make-up, embroidery tattoo, tattoo make-up, feathering, microblading? Yes they are all the same.   We are talking about tattoo.  The lovely thing about this specialised work is the colours and procedures are very different.  An artist of cosmetic or medical tattoo would not use the machines or inks that artfully produce pictures and scrolling on the body.

There is much skill involved in creating exquisite brows, eyes and lips with cosmetic tattoo. Look for a highly experienced artist and come into his or her clinic confident that your approval will be asked for before the semi-permanent design is applied.

Sometimes scars and  face structure present unusual challenges for your professional.  At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, we explain muscle and bone structure and rely on your intelligence, understanding and trust to continue.  Remember too, that the consultation is especially designed so you may ask questions and decide if micro-pigmentation is really you.  We as professionals also may decide whether we will pursue a client’s wishes.

Always take time to read your consent form .  We require you to let us know about ALL medications and supplements taken.  Do not take this lightly because you want hair-stroke brows.  There are some conditions we are pleased to explain why it is better to use traditional make-up rather than semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo.

Please let us know while making an appointment, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  We would rather you wait.   Anti-depressants and other important meds you need every day?  Do let us know at the time of making an appointment, and most definitely before signing your forms.

The surrounds are gorgeous and peaceful here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo and you will be treated like a princess, or in more and more cases, a prince!

Have a glorious October, and be gentle on yourselves as the end of the year is approaching  fast.

Have a look at the ‘Special’ page too.



























The days are cooler at last.  My new client is sitting with her iPhone overlooking the golf club and river with her anesthetic cream settling in.  Inside the clinic is her daughter resting to the sounds of ‘Peter Miller’s’ guitar while having full eyeliner tattoo makeup.   A perfect situation and one that happens more and more.  The mother and daughter visit,  sisters,  or Grandmother with friend.  One often wants to watch, which is OK for a while as long as there’s not too much initial chat.  I need to concentrate,  focus 🙂

Time goes quickly,  although a procedure will generally take about two hours.  This is because you,  the client must fully understand the cosmetic tattoo disclaimer before signing and perhaps wait a few more minutes for the numbing cream to do it’s magic.  Most clients are so surprised that procedures are painless as if I am plucking their brows (during brow micro-pigmentation).  Often they ask if I’ve started the work.  That means I have a relaxed and happy patient.  We have already discussed and brushed the design across the area to be treated.

I like to design brows free-hand,  this way I can create the illusion sometimes required.  You see,  your left and right side can differ remarkably with it’s bone and muscle structure.   Trying to create all this by yourself can be frustratingly difficult and this is where cosmetic tattoo takes the guess-work out of your daily beauty routine.

Almost all brow work here is hair-stroke makeup tattoo.  It is the procedure of choice,  although you have several great options.  Just ask.

When your semi-permanent makeup is completed,  that is eyebrows,  lips,  eyeliner and beauty marks;  a cold pack is applied. Music is sometimes changed and lighting is turned down for about fifteen minutes while you rest.

After all this,  an after-procedure photo is taken.  Any extra advice on aftercare is given with written instructions. You are now able relax under shade listening to bell birds and wait for your companion.

Remember, Jess gives a special deal on mink lashes when you have cosmetic tattoo our at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo clinic.

Have a happy Easter and extra-special April!





The other day, a client of mine, a baker, told me how early she starts work.  “The heat!” she lamented.  Queensland, is very warm, and lately, even my Bandog puppy just wants to spread-eagle on the floor and imagine icy wind;  I’m guessing anyway.  So…working with ovens during the small hours of the morning must be ridiculous.  “I wipe my eyebrows off in no time”, she goes on to say.  It made me realize how blasé we can be when we have this wonderful thing called Cosmetic Tattoo.  It’s sometimes referred to as Semi-Permanent tattoo here in Oz, and Permanent Makeup, overseas.

A few days ago, I caught my reflection during the usual hand-washing routine, and realized something slightly different. I had forgotten to put on makeup!  Now, in my world, that never happens.  This day it did, but I felt confident enough to carry on working till the end of the procedures without it.  This is what makeup tattoo does for you.  You can wipe your brows in the heat of a commercial kitchen, splash water on your face at the gym, swim, eat without having just half the lip shape you started with – and generally look as if you don’t have a care in the world.

Another of my client’s now has superb dark brows and fabulously dark liner, top and bottom, with a nice blunt outer edge, just a little further than her last eyelash. What a stunner. She is soon to teach in Dubai.  What a way to start a new post in a new country.  Yes, I know it’s not everything, but as I said, when you catch yourself in the mirror and see you have been quietly carrying on your work, looking fine to yourself and definitely to others, it’s just another little plus you can be a little blasé about, whilst accepting gratefully.

Our micro-pigmentation consultations are free, and we are always happy to show you how areola and nipple tattoo that many of you are seeking nowadays, is so worth the visit.

Jess is on standby for silky mink lashes – real mink, shed by real minks, and expertly placed.

Have a great March month, see you soon!




Its quite magical how one season dramatically changes to another.  Suddenly it’s the beginning of summer here in glorious Queensland, with the promise of hot, sultry days and balmy  evenings.  Semi-permanent makeup interest never wanes, but the recognition of it’s obvious usefulness does quicken up as you are reminded again of oven blasting heat and holiday fun.

It might be useful to you to have a couple of tips on making the most of your tattooed makeup.  Makeup tattoo is great for those who frankly don’t really want to be seen without makeup.  It is also fabulous for those of you who have some difficulty slipping immaculate eyebrows on with a pencil or powder and it’s usually when you are in a hurry!  There are countless reasons why so many of you are total fans.  I have always felt that permanent makeup is not about vanity, there is just so much more (read through the Gentle Cosmetic site if you’d like to find out).

One of the many advantages of  the  lip tattoo procedure is never losing the vermillion line that we naturally have in our youth.  Lips can look many times sweeter when they are liplined or lipline and blended with a natural or pretty shade which can be worn alone or with traditional lip colourants.  Often lip gloss or balm is enough, and for those who don’t have a lot of natural colour on the mouth, a full  lip tattoo procedure is so appealing.  It was one of the best procedures I did on myself, and I like to jazz my lips up with lipstick if I feel inclined.

One great little habit to keep with brows, is to smooth over a small damp makeup sponge or any small square of sponge, after applying your foundation. Permanent makeup has something special all of it’s own. It neither looks like makeup, nor tattoo.  It has a softness and naturalness that you hardly want to add to.   However when you do want your makeup to stand out, then you have shape and style on brows, eyes and lips to fill in with whatever pizzazz you want at the time.

Remember, all tattoo fades, especially on fine facial skin.  This gives you the advantage of coming back for re-enhancement and change as you change.  My clients come back each year or two at a fraction of the original price. Jess does the best mink lashes! ‘Getting Lashed’ clients who have already sampled tattoo makeup with us will be given a great offer on lashes.

Have a super warm, enjoyable October.



That’s a good question.

You know, without a doubt you have thought and thought about this haven’t you?  Got brave or excited,  then thought of all the reasons why you shouldn’t have permanent makeup.  I encourage you to come in for a free consultation – so I can show you how carefully we approach permanent cosmetics.  You are never obligated to have makeup tattoo, not at all.

The nicest and most common experience is the client who has researched micro-pigmentation, has lamented to me before the appointment, on her thin, shapeless, hairless, indistinguishable, or uneven brows, or very ordinary eyes and lips, and comes in with an idea (but not necessarily) of what she wants.  From there it is usually easy to see what is going to enhance or transform that face.  It may be awkward if the client has placed many restrictions on what may be, or is just plum beyond nervous!  In this rare case I say it is not a good idea to go ahead.  I mean, do you really want micro-pigmentation?  Go away and think about it again.

So you the client is understandably fed-up with trying to manage brows, eyes or lips – perhaps with eyesight, health, allergies or time restrictions.  Actually, there are endless reasons why makeup tattoo is absolutely ideal in today’s world.  Looking at your face and knowing what is going to make it so much more attractive, in fact beautiful, is immensely appealing in itself!  The way we go about it at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo means there are no suprises, just gentle, little by little enhancement.

Today I had a lady with Alopecia book in.  I look forward to her smile as hair-stroke brows are created and eyes are detailed with great shape and colour.  It may take two or even three sessions, usually two, to achieve.  All my client needs to do is refresh her semi-permanent makeup again when necessary.  You see, cosmetic tattoo does fade.  Our soft shades used for lips and brows do require up-keep, as do the rich deepest shades that line and shape the eyes.  We recommend every 17mths or so.  You will know for yourself, as every skin differs.

From the time I walked into a tattoo shop in K Road in Auckland, and asked for eyeliner tattoo, I have always known  that one doesn’t need to be bare faced.  Not that the tattooist agreed at the time!  Cosmetic tattoo has come such  long way.

Do phone for a chat or consultation. Your brows, eyes and lips are no worse for wear than anyone else’s.  We at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo will Custom design your makeup for you to think about at your leisure – or complete the tattoo makeup in the following hour or two.

As a last note, I’d like to thank you all for the many emails I receive over the blogs.  I’m glad they help, and I appreciate you! Thank you again.

We are rapt with Jessica’s natural mink lashes, another reason to call.

Have a happy September, and look over our ‘Specials”.

All the best,


For those of you who have their annual holidays at other times of the year, and for those who don’t seem to give themselves holidays – the good news is Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is open at weekends.

Do check our ‘special’ page.

We know it suits many people to start their cosmetic tattoo healing process over the weekend.

You know, by day three, a lot of the healing is completed.

Don’t hesitate to book Friday after work, or Saturday or Sunday if you can’t wait to get started. Otherwise we are open as normal during the week to accommodate you.

Cosmetic tattoo is also known as micro-pigmentation, makeup tattoo, semi-permanent makeup (in Australia), permanent make-up (overseas), tattoo make-up, and eyebrow embroidery!

I look forward to seeing you for eyebrow tattoo makeup – that is, either hairstrokes (or feathering), shaded brows, or combination shaded plus hair-stroke tattoo procedures. Fully cosmetically tattooed eyeliner is available at great prices too, upper or lower individually,  and all lip micro-pigmentation procedures plus scar camuflague and nipple and areola complex tattoo.

Eyelash extensions are expertly done by Jessica.

All consultations are free, and Janey is always happy to discuss by phone or email a query or thought you may have regarding any of the above procedures.

Happy holidaying and an abundant New Year.



Hello, and Happy New Year everyone!

It’s been busier than usual. Whether that is a consequence of the vast rains we have had in this part of the country, I’m not sure. People have been perhaps spending more time thinking and organizing things for themselves for this year in the quiet of indoors,  rather than racing around outside in their spare time.

During this unusual whether, I have had many various requests lately for makeup tattooing.

 One thing that seems to be on everyone’s minds is “will you tattoo my eyebrows so they really suit me!”  This anxiety is a number one reason why women, I feel, hesitate to have semi-permanent makeup, and rightly so. How many times have we seen eyebrows that are too highly arched, where the artist seemed to have overused his/her creative licence?  As well, colour and flow of the brow is essential. It’s rare to have two brows the same as the bone structure and formation of our face is different on each side of the nose. I have clients who appreciate this and like the way one of their eyebrows’ is naturally slightly arched in a cheeky questioned manner, or a little more pronounced in some way. Often these clients ask me to “add that in” for the overall finished look.  They love the individuality of their own face. Others are wanting their eyebrows absolutely symmetrical – perfect in every way. That is the way they feel happy to face the world each day.

We know that all our clients appreciate the close working together to achieve the desired look. Above all, I believe, women want a natural, lovely brow that essentially suits them. One that can be altered in colour and shape if necessary, as their makeup tattoo slowly fades over time. Perhaps this is not an easily understood point?  The largest organ of the body, our skin, changes remarkably of the years. Weather factors, medication, makeups including skin products, personal habits, emotional issues,  and environment, affect our skin enormously. It is because of these issues, cosmetic tattoo also fades.

This is a great opportunity! Over the years I have worked and changed “my ladies’ ” permanent makeup to suit. Things never stay the same, and need not either.

Have a Happy and wonderful New Year. We look forward to helping you change your face of the future. Sounds cheesy I know! But we love it.

One of my client’s, soon to be a second time mum who raves about her cosmetic tattoo, has since informed me she is expecting twins. Now it won’t matter that she will barely have time to catch her face in the mirror for a while – she’ll still look gorgeous!! Congratulations Jess.