There’s a big chance you don’t see your eyebrows as symmetrical, so don’t feel ‘one out of the box’. It’s rare in fact, to have a perfectly symmetrical face and the ‘imperfections’ gives us personality and interest.

Why are we asymmetrical? Well, we actually have two brains which are mostly not connected with each other. Whilst we have about 50 billion of neurons in our left brain, and 50 billion in our right brain – only a comparatively teeny amount connects the two halves. Emotion, growing, life – ensures our right and left side will differ, and more so as we age.

So, no wonder it’s near impossible for you to ‘get your eyebrows on’ in the morning. This is sometimes a interesting challenge for the interested semi-permanent makeup artist who has a understanding of face symmetry. We understand bone and muscle evolve differently as we grow and change and for certain, as we get older.

While everything in nature is in fact ‘perfect’ we sometimes constantly strive for our own perception in our appearance. The permanent cosmetic artist will carefully design brows, eyeliner and lips to enhance your face, primarily.

At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo we aim for the look that is enormously pleasing. The aim also is for you to have no more frustration and anxiety with makeup when you could be spending that time with family, checking your mail, or having breakfast!

Contact Jessica over the next five weeks on 0410 411 511.  Jess will book you in for May for lovely semi-permanent eyebrows,eyeliner, brows and lips.

See you soon!