EXPERIENCE: How long have they been doing Cosmetic Tattoo? How broad is their experience with client ages, skin types, styles and techniques? You might also ask about qualifications, courses in Health & Sanitation procedures. How often do they undergo professional inspections of the premises. Is this Business insured? No one with these things in place will be offended in your asking.

DESIGN SKILLS: Do not accept ‘One size fits all’ templates, unless you specifically want that. You have a distinctive three dimensional face with muscle, bone structure, skin tone, and asymmetry that are unique to your own. Thy need to be understood and used expertly to the best possible interpretation and design for you.

INKS/PIGMENTS: Only the highest quality organic and inorganic concentrated formulations are acceptable with maximum colour stability and wear.

HELP & SUPPORT: Does the practitioner explain the process and what is being done? Are you fully involved in the decisions? Are you shown the plan before the procedure begins?

COST: This is last but is often the first and only criteria for some people. Satisfy yourself on the other points first. Let’s face it, you usually get what you pay for. Follow the guidelines and choose the best not the cheapest. Remember you have to wear it!

NOTE: All tattoo fades over time. We suggest a once or twice yearly booster to keep your micropigmentation fresh and up to date with changes in hair and skin. UV exposure, age, health, current medications and adhering to before and aftercare are essential to cosmetic tattoo good looks.

Personally I envisage the natural looks are here to stay in cosmetic tattoo artistry.

Enjoy October!