Welcome to Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo and February!

The year has already brought many changes to so many of you. Good changes I hope. For others, we know that good things can come from all experiences even so it doesn’t always appear to be true.

I want to say thank you for trusting and understanding that brow work does not happen overnight! Beautiful micro pigmented brows, eyes, lips and scalps, come with your time and effort as well as ours at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. Many of you have had poor work done elsewhere. This takes time to lift old pigment and repair then re-tattoo. All cosmetic tattoo procedures can be costly as you rarely have just one session. These sessions can be spread over many weeks or months. We like to bring about changes in a subtle and natural way which means that soft and pretty features are the ultimate goal. We love to free-style your design and use many techniques that come with years of experience.

Pixel work, shading, Nano blading, micro-blading, Ombre and powder brows are produced by understanding how different procedures work on different skins. However cosmetic tattoo artists are not magicians and second and third procedures are often the norm for gradual layering of semi-permanent tattoo strokes, shading and colour.

Having said that, often we are called ‘magicians’ or ‘true artists’ because results can be delightful very quickly. Every skin has it’s own idiosyncrasies just as has your left and right sides of your face and body does.

Your skin may require exquisite machine work, fine nano or pixel cosmetic tattoo with more than one or two tattoo needle assemblies or particular strokes suited only to you. Your face and scalp tattoo may also require natural vegetable oxide-free pigments.

Your proceure Ywill be shown to you as you ask throughout, or the mirror may be held up for you to see how you are looking! This reduces anxiety and allow you to in many cases sleep or doze.

Remember, all micropigmentation takes time to heal, peel, show true colour and look fabulously natural.

Call or message to chat and ask about anything to do with micropigmentation. We will always chat, if not immediately, when it is possible on the same day.

Cheers and Happy February!