…..and get 50% off! What a way to Face up to Christmas. Our 50% discount is for ALL makeup tattoo first procedures, till the last day of November…. just mention you saw the special on this site. Remember second  procedures are of minimal cost.

Check all first procedure prices on each page of the Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo site and HALVE those prices! 

Book in without delay, have your semi-permanent makeup ready for Christmas – for all that Christmas and New Year brings. 

It is wonderful to have a face prepared for anything! Sweat, water, sleepovers, and tears of joy when you give and receive those Christmas pressies!!

Janey will always be happy to see you for a pre-visit discuss her procedures and what they can do for you. This consultation is of no cost to you whatsoever,

and can often give you the confidence to decide whether makeup tattooing is for you!