The most sought after look in the business of Cosmetic and Medical tattoo is a a flawless natural look. Natural is not always required though. A soft velvety lip tattoo is an amazing look or a darker blush ideally works with a previously weak or non lip-line.

With fashion being just that, ‘Fashion’ you cannot go wrong with a natural individual hair-stroked (feathered) brow procedure. Natural vegetable pigments from the U.S. consistently give a great look that gradually fades as all tattoo does, but minus the odd residue we sometimes see on friends and strangers.

Once you have a great pair of brows, you may play them up till your heart’s content. The same goes for eye-liner, exaggerated wings and flicks can be whipped on for special events. Tattooed on…I can tell you from experience the ‘extras’ can drop as we age. Panic not! Tattoo removal here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is the answer.

Once lip tattoo is within the lip membrane, healed and at it’s final stage of transformation, you may wear any lip colour if and when you choose.

We use excellent brands of pigments for different purposes.

Phone us for a chat if you like. Questions welcomed.



You have thought about cosmetic tattoo for a long time now. Or you’ve been looking at someone else’s flawless makeup day after day and now it’s your turn, right? I hear this all the time! My clients often say to me, “I have wanted to do this for so long”….and later, “why didnt I do this years ago?” 

The following pre-care notes are valuable in helping with your decision to go ahead with semi-permanent tattoo as it is known in Australia.

First I’d like to say that  there are certain young people under 18yrs old out there who would like this specialised makeup, but unless there are special circumstances and you have your physician’s advice this is a no, no. For most other individuals, if you have a confident sense of self, are mentally and emotionally prepared, and really want this for you, then step right up!

Always prior to treatment, keep your skin free of skin medications. Skip Retin A, Glycolic Acid or other treatments prior to this work. Wait 48hrs before waxing, tinting lashes and brows, electrolysis or lash perming. Although I have eyelined a lovely client who is never without her eyelash extensions, I have asked her to come to her second appointment with bare eyelids, for maximum colour implantation close to the lash line. Clients sometimes prefer a good tattooed eye-liner or lash enhancement to continuing with lashes every few days or weeks.

Contact lenses are shelved for a couple of days or more  if possible…..bring along your specs for your first appointment. 

Need antibiotics prior to going off to the dentist? Chances are you may need them before these procedures too.  Be cleared by your doctor first please.

Are you regularly taking Vitamin E, Niacin, St. John’s Wort, Ginko biloba? It is advised to halt those for 3 or 4 days as well, if you can. Let me be aware of supplemented foods or if your diet is rich in certain fruits, vegetables or beverages.

It’s an idea to schedule your procedures after your menstrual period, that’s if you’re prone to extra sensitivity.  When you feel your best and are in good health that’s always the right time for colour implants.

An easy bruiser? Arnica tablets before eyeliner treatments are often swear-bys. Blood thinners are also not designed to make cosmetic tattooing easy. Again, talk to your doctor – it may be you are not  a suitable candidate. Asprin or Ibuprofen can promote bleeding, so choose Panadol or similar an hour before, if you feel you’d  like to. Remember we are able to advise.  Alcohol and any strong stimulants are hopelessly effective blood thinners

Medical conditions such as hepatitis, type1 diabetes, heart concerns, psoriasis or any blood borne communicable diseases – please advise, you may or may not be suitable for these treatments.

Wait until pregnancy and breast feeding are over. Believe me, the convenience is worth the waiting!

Lip blushing, lip-line and blending, or any lip tattoo can mean cold sores, fever or sun blisters. They will surely be activated by trauma or stress to the skin if you are prone to outbreaks. There are ani-viral medications such as L-Lysine which are taken for 2 wks before treatment, a double dose on the day and the following 7days. Alternatively there is Zovirax ointment or Vectavir cream which again counteract or minimise the occurrence of the above. 

Cosmetic tattoo is very safe and allergic reactions are rare. If you do suffer allergies however, we are able to perform a  test well prior to treatment.

As you read through the above, you’ll see the advice is common sense, but do take it seriously to be prepared.

See you soon!

Various cosmetic tattoo procedures for lips come with various names. When you come in for lip colour tattooed on your lips, you will have most likely thought about it for a long time prior to your appointment. It is important to know what you are wanting.

Many of you want fuller lips, that is, a vermillion border that gives top lip symmetricity in relation to the lower lip (or if you like, visa-versa). Another request is lipline + colour blended to reduce the expectation of makeup bleeding into fine lines or heavier wrinkles. Scarring on the lip is common through misadventures, accidents, surgery.

A soft and natural correction to the lip border can make all the difference in the world. Faded and a ‘not really there’ set of lips can be more vibrant or pale and pretty especially with some moisturiser or lip gloss.

I say many times, lip tattoo does not give a lipstick look but allows you to feel especially good even with a super soft and natural look. Further appointments will of course give you more colour, more coverage…will last longer. It does depend what you want.

In the cosmetic tattoo world, we know everyone is different. Every one heals differently, and the healing agenda is not hard and fast. That is the beauty of it all! Colours are custom blended, and never look as they do in a bottle, or even on top of the skin.

Lip colour is tattooed on the outermost layer of the dermis and a lot of your appointment time will be having you comfortable.

The next important step is keeping your lip tattoo clean and expecting some swelling. Most clients love this part although swell does disappear in 3 or 4 days. When exfoliation is finished and lips no longer look and feel like chapped skin, they can look too light. Wait a few more weeks and up to 12 weeks after your final procedure for the shape, shade and convenience of lip makeup tattoo.

Cheers, and stay extra safe during this lockdown.


This is an interesting time in history. It is a time we may take the opportunity to heal in various ways. Simpler lifestyles and appreciation when life slows down a notch makes differences.

Cosmetic tattoo is easy when you are rested and mindful that cleanliness ensures your micropigmentation heals beautifully in the 3 to 4 week period before your next appointment. You can relax knowing your skin is just doing it’s thing whilst planning new procedures. Many of you are taking this time to have lip tattoo and additional colour and design added to eye-liners. Refreshing old tattoo colour and design you know you’ve lived with for too long could well be done now. It’s truly magical to see the differences cosmetic tattoo can make to your appearance and well-being.



Sometimes I see you have beautiful features and you know what cosmetic tattoo procedures you want. It intrigues me how some of you leave your lips untouched. This is for a few reasons; you might be aware that lipstick and crayons contain traces of lead, and other metals. These may be swallowed or at least absorbed through the mucosal tissues in the mouth. You may tend to reapply colour repeatedly during the day and night and it’s almost as if it is a habit or afterthought. In USA there have been studies on metals present in various popular brands. Manganese, Cadmium, Chromium, copper, nickel to name a few. Typically, some of these additives stabilise the product or adds shine and glitter.

Semi-permanent make-up, is the option. Cosmetic tattoo lip blush, lip-line or line & blend are decisions based on how much natural colour you already have. Lip tattoo is without doubt one of the better beauty enhancements you can give yourself. As our lips succumb to the elements + we can fool ourselves and everyone else that we have a wider, plumper more attractive pair of lips after the careful application of micro-pigmentation. Even the merest suggestion of colour (blush) can work well but be aware that all cosmetic tattoo fades and needs a refresh every year or so, usually.

Apart from the sheer good looks of lip tattoo, there is the peace of mind our lip inks and pigments are safe.

I believe most women are enjoying more natural procedures now and love it when friends, family and colleagues don’t quite know how they get their makeup looking super subtle and lovely.

Don’t forget to check our fibroblasting procedures and tattoo removal. A phone call and chat is a nice way to simplify your queries.



It was the very best procedure I did for myself, well over a year ago – fully cosmetically tattooed lips in a natural colour I love to see every day. I pass on my experience to you, giving you lip tattoo that is pretty and practical every day. Lip tattoo means you still wear different lipstick or glosses, if you wish. It also means you might just wear some shine and a smile!

Full lip tattoo will take two or three procedures. You pay $100 less on your 1st procedure. Ask me about lip cosmetic tattoo.

We now have our own resident clinical hypnotherapist on site to deal with any worries you have about pain!

Clinical hypnosisIt is most effective when used to reduce anxiety and to ease and remove pain.

It can ease the natural anxiety some people feel before surgery, or clinical procedures like dentistry and cosmetic tattoo.

Clinical hypnosis is a real therapy in which you learn how to use the power of your mind to help make positive changes. And you’re in control.

Clinical hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, perception or consciousness that is used, by licensed and trained doctors and specialists for treating both psychological and physical problems. 

Take this thoroughly interesting and increasingly popular approach to any anxiety, which includes pain. Ask me about Clinical hypnosis!



It’s always interesting when you come in requesting something a little different. Whilst you may ask for a simple and effective cosmetic tattoo refresh, subtle semi-permanent lip liner, wider brows than last year or extra shading around the eyes with cosmetic tattoo, you may want to come in with a query.

Cosmetic tattoo is so clever it can symmetrically enhance your left and right features. You know the left and right sides of your face are different;  that’s why so many of you are frustrated with the eyebrow makeup.  I enjoy helping with this forever dilemma! It’s extra special though when a client comes in with a noticeably smaller right or left eye, or noticeably flatter or uneven lip-line.  Sure, most of you have one smaller, higher, lower or thinner eyebrow.  It’s normal, but this really is when cosmetic tattoo can do great things.

Semi-permanent makeup  can give you the confidence by staying on day after day, month after month.  No-one need know your clever tattoo-makeup sorted out what nature seemingly overlooked.  A good example is when one of my clients came back for a refresh to her eyeliner and shading.  I had forgotten this pretty woman had natural unequally shaped eyes, as the cosmetic tattoo had  done a fine job of simply giving her beautiful eyes.  The best part as I always say, is that it matters not where my client is or in what circumstances, her tattoo makeup will not embarrassingly rub off.  I heard recently how a nurse tried wiping one of my clients’  lip tattoo before surgery. This must happen frequently.

I thought I’d give all of the above a mention, as my lady with ‘the eyes’ reminded me a few days ago how she gives thanks every day to having symmetrical eyes!  Perhaps this is not only done with cosmetic tattoo but for sure, it is usually easily done with cosmetic tattoo.  Phone, or come in for a free consultation.  I’m always glad to chat , if it helps.