The  lip line and blend and especially the full lip procedure, are so popular at the moment. Perhaps it’s because almost every desired colour and style is possible for our clients. Every girl wants to have definition of the mouth no matter how natural a person she is. Others have found the shade they love to wear, and want it semi-permanent.

Here is a good opportunity to remind you of how the lips behave after the procedure.  Immediately after your appointment, your mouth is big, bright and beautiful.  After 24hours most swelling has disappeared, and sorry, not to return,  until another  treatment.  The extra brightness and darkness comes from the pigment being ‘under’ as well as on the surface of the skin.  After three or four  days the sloughing off of the superficial dry, outer layer takes place leaving semi-permanent colour behind. 

Now, over the next few weeks, this colour may appear to vary, hiding at times and not entirely settled,  until one day it appears to have deepened again.  The lip procedure is really a process,  sometimes taking  more than the second appointment,  and as long as twelve weeks after the last treatment for the finest result to be seen. Please be patient, it is just so worth it. Cosmetic tattoo is such an interesting and exciting beauty treatment – contact us for your slightest query.