If you worry about down time as far as cosmetic tattoo is concerned, the Easter holidays is the perfect time. Just a few days of not having to do too much, and if you are busy, we ask you to keep your procedure nice and clean.

So that means, no picking, no swimming or excess forceful water (showering and what have you). It means being aware, and using your common sense. You may give your skin a gentle wash once or twice a day, patting dry and using the tiniest amount of after-care cream. Remember that micropigmentation, consists of the various procedures of cosmetic and medical tattooing and needs time to heal, settle and peel. Your skin is in the process of change over that time and usually requires little from you except correct after-care. Unusual occurrences, soreness, redness may be a sign of infection and requires your direct attention. phone us to alleviate concern as the area may only be dry/itchy due to healing.

Microblading and nanoblading, are beautiful techniques done with needle assemblies and not blades. They give a natural and lovely result especially when coupled with natural vegetable pigments.

We correct, remove and/or camouflage work that could have been classier or prettier. Colour change can be unexpected if the original pigment was a poor choice or has been affected by incomplete aftercare, sun, condition of the skin or health of the individual. Cosmetic or medical tattoo can be greatly improved with a refresh, giving softer, more interesting effects.

At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, we ensure your comfort and safety whilst showing you how your makeup tattoo is progressing during the (usually) two hour visit.

Our procedures include,

Safe effective tattoo removal, eyebrow hairstrokes, lash line cosmetic tattoo, lid shading and lining, lip blushing and shaping, scalp micropigmentation, Plasma fibro-blasting.

Each procedure is suited specifically to your features and requirements.

Phone for an informed chat or experience your consultation as part of your procedure/s.

A little chocolate in the spirit of Easter is always good!

Blessings and cheers,