Hello everyone,

I have just come back from 6 weeks in UK and Greece.  It was a fabulous time and the best time to see all the wild flowers amongst the extraordinary scenery in both Greece, England and Scotland as well.

Whilst overseas I was keen to see how wide spread semi-permanent makeup is and found it everywhere.  It seems to me though,  Australia’s lifestyle,  has good reason to have this cosmetic tattoo as a definite favourite. Many times over the last 6 weeks I was asked what my profession was and I admit, I enjoyed the surprise and remarks at how natural my makeup is.  That’s it really isn’t it? You want something that looks refreshing and natural but is so much better than a no made up face.  For travelling there is nothing better.  We were hopping on planes from London and Greece and back again, then Singapore, Doha and finally Gold Coast.  Singapore airport is worth a visit in itself.  You could easily spend a few hours there indulging yourself.  The Singaporeans proudly give the airport experience to you free in many ways with massage chairs, exceptional displays of orchids, their national flowers and fern trees that took forever to grow. Their aim, I felt was to please. Actually, I wish Gold Coast airport would do the same!

Moving ahead, we touched down at jaw-dropping Athens after a short breather in London and were soon driving off to Nafplio, an exquisite Venetian city on the Peloponnese peninsula. We stopped at many ancient sites that will live in my memory forever, including The Manis. My partner drove us way up to exquisite Delphi one of my favourite places, and we had a meal nearby at Glyfada, the Beverly Hills of Greece.  The tiny streets, friendly people and great slow cooked food was unforgettable. Wild flowers were everywhere. For fun we drove right up to Mt.Parnasus where I jumped out of the car as soon as I could to throw snow at my unsuspecting man.

After 2 weeks of ancient Greece, we visited family from London to way up North and carried on through Scotland to the Isle of Skye. By this time sea, sky, countryside, and villages were so ridiculously beautiful, let alone the terrific people!  I urge you to go to Scotland and see the Loch Ness and discover the Isle. The Isle of Skye has fairy related areas and bridges – a mysterious, gentle land. You have to believe in fairies after this!

After 6 weeks away, home always looks good. Jessica did an amazing job of fitting in my clients for May plus seeing her own lash extension clients.  There are still spots left so do take the opportunity to experience easy procedures of makeup tattoo, and lash extensions with Jess. Tattooed makeup can last for many years, although the softer shades I use in eyebrows do like a refresh after 18mths generally.  As you are a client of Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo after that 1st procedure, 2nd appointments and cosmetic tattoo refreshers are only $100 until much further notice.

I look forward to seeing you, and will rabbit on about my experiences in Europe if you are interested. You may just want to settle back comfortably and have new brows, eyes and lips instead. Either way, I look forward to seeing you.

Call for a free consultation if you wish, and remember the Specials page, and Jess’s  ‘Get Lashed’ mink lashes.

All the best,