It was when my clients really wanted the darker, wider brows that I decided to revisit the Iron Oxide free cosmetic tattoo pigment department.  I’m so glad I did!  Non-Iron Oxide pigments require careful administering but stay beautifully true for many years. I have proved this with natural vegetable cosmetic tattoo pigments applied to myself, by myself,  many years ago.

Cosmetic tattoo, microblading, semi-permanent makeup etc. micropigmentation is known by, has literally leapt on to the market recently and with it some very poor work.  Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo frequently has to deal now with rectifying colour and design.  Correcting others mistakes, especially surprising colours such as mauve, coral, pink and green, has been concerning, besides poor design, or the over-familiar stencilled brow.

Iron oxide free pigments used here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo blend gorgeously to create custom brows at their best.  There have been no reports of adverse reactions, and they are MRI safe.  Most of all, dark brows and eyes, stay dark and dramatic as requested.

Get ready for a happy, merry Christmas!