Before I give you this reminder blog, I want to tell you about one of the most satisfying experiences in cosmetic tattooing I’ve had – it actually was today. I had a super mum come in who had alopecia. Together we designed hairstroke tattooed eyebrows to die for. How we take so much for granted. Lexi (not her real name) is young, attractive and smart. Lexi was telling me she dreaded hot days when she couldn’t even wipe her brow, let alone go swimming. I will think of her in the morning when she takes her first look at her face. That will be really nice.

Now for one of my previous blogs:

Sometimes a client just wants the reshaping of a natural eyebrow or lip. This can be an interesting challenge and usually there has been a lot of thought that has brought the client along to be ‘repaired’.

Most times the eyebrows are not the same height, width and length or they just seem totally different from each other. it’s not uncommon for a client to point and say “I like that one!”. Brows can be shaped and corrected to slim, soften, to enhance the natural look, or add sophistication to the face.

An example of lip shaping is by balancing one side of the mouth to the other by gently passing the pen or hand tool slightly above the vermillion line. Result? Correction of a visably asymmetic mouth and the beauty of a natural fuss-free lip line. Another example is by defining the cupid’s bow or changing it to a more flattering shape. Simple, yet essential changes for a beautiful mouth. This is what cosmetic tattoo can do.

Please note that not all client’s expectations can be met realistically and considerations are discussed at the beginning of the procedure.

Always, the best enhancements are those where friends and family keep looking at you, wondering – “looks beautiful, but what? how?”

Semi-permanent makeup correction is done carefully and in a subtle manner otherwise the excercise results in an unnatural appearance. Very occasionally a client wants a few hairs ‘replaced’ or a slight change in arch or length of the brow. What a difference it all makes. With micro-pigmentation we can change shapes with a variety of techniques, giving feathered, hair stroke or powdered brow options.

For some, an asymmetic face can be disturbing, although it’s rare to have a face the same both sides of the nose! Most of the time it’s hardly, if at all noticeable by others, other than in photos.

Cosmetically tattooed changes are often the ideal and inexpensive answer.

Wishing you fabulous Christmas and new year everyone, and thank you, I appreciate you!

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