Already we’re into May where in this part of the world it’s getting just a little chilly at night with glorious days of sun.

Mother’s Day is only around the corner. Any mum will love a semi-permanent mother’s day pampering!

A mention here that cosmetically tattooed lip colour is one of those procedures you wish you had done years ago. A client told me that her blushed lips were noticed by staff and patients when she unexpectedly spent a few days in hospital. Compliments at such a time can really give you a lift! Other unexpected compliments come when you are camping, on holiday, or at work when you can say to your colleague/s “yes, it’s tattoo”.

We in the cosmetic tattoo world know micropigmentation is not necessarily in place of traditional or topical makeup. Many of you, myself included enjoy cosmetics and it’s easy to wear different lip colours over blushed tattooed lips. Semi-permanent makeup done well and on it’s own, gives us confidence, and means we can feel good anywhere. It’s so we don’t look completely bare except for some careful makeup (smile).

Hair strokes can be etched into the brow area with a hand-tool or machine. Depending on the experience of your artist, one procedure is as good as the other. At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, we enjoy the individuality of free-hand design before making your tattoo makeup semi-permanent.

Be aware, that all skin is not the same! Some procedures require one (rare) but usually two or more procedures. It’s well worth having cosmetic tattoo etched into the skin in a way that is right for you, with refreshers every six months or yearly.

Have a wonderful MAY.