Brows have always been right up there (excuse the pun) as probably the most popular micro-pigmentation procedure. Once you have had your brows cosmetically tattooed and have followed the aftercare, they do require maintenance just as does any other makeup or health adjustment. Changes in colour and shape are made as you stay in touch with your technician. Those early appointments assess how your skin best reacts to say, organic over inorganic pigments, machine work to hand-tool, as well as to the many facets of your lifestyle. New designs cannot look after themselves, so continue the waxing, tinting and refreshing.

Micropigmentation doesn’t stop at your face. Thinning hair has it’s remedy with Scalp Tattoo. Replication of hair follicles, works beautifully for men and women.

Plasma Fibroblasting is another fabulous procedure where skin only gets better. Eye-lid lifts, lines, wrinkles and skin tightening can have the inner and outer you smiling.

Enjoy September sunshine.