With Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo being well underway for quite a few years, we are always advising regarding cosmetic tattoo and it’s after-care.

Micro-blading, micro-feathering, feathering and semi-permanent makeup, call it what you will is still implanting cosmetic tattoo pigments superficially (between the dermal and epidermal layer) into the skin. These are implemented with a small tool into which a needle assembly is inserted, or a small machines are used, depending on the procedure required.

Considering the structure of your skin, you may be advised to ‘dry-heal’ your tattoo in which case you will keep the tattooed area as free from ointments or water as possible. Any makeup or lotions apart from those suggested at the time of your session should be left until after the areas have healed. This would usually be one to two weeks. If after-care cream is suggested. Please use sparingly, night and morning, and during the day for comfort.

Your skin will be settled and well ready to receive your 2nd procedure, 2 to 8 weeks after the first.

Please do not try to hurry the peeling process. Sometimes people cannot help but pick or rub the area. I understand, however it is worth waiting for your cosmetic tattoo to gently exfoliate on its own.  At the sign of any infection, contact your pharmacist or cosmetic tattooist.

If your semi-permanent makeup is unbearably itchy, a sign it is healing nicely, a little coconut oil should suffice. Be aware that workouts, swimming, sauna, tanning beds or sun, does not help your skin retain your new tattoo makeup. I often suggest an SPF balm, especially for your beautiful new brows.

Most salons will advise you to wait for their skin treatments, knowing you have had, or are preparing to see a cosmetic tattooist.

Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo uses iron oxide free pigments and always the very latest pigments to suit your skin type.

Consultations are always generous and free.