You have thought about cosmetic tattoo for a long time now. Or you’ve been looking at someone else’s flawless makeup day after day and now it’s your turn, right? I hear this all the time! My clients often say to me, “I have wanted to do this for so long”….and later, “why didnt I do this years ago?” 

The following pre-care notes are valuable in helping with your decision to go ahead with semi-permanent tattoo as it is known in Australia.

First I’d like to say that  there are certain young people under 18yrs old out there who would like this specialized makeup, but unless there are special circumstances and you have your physician’s advice this is a no, no. For most other individuals, if you have a confident sense of self, are mentally and emotionally prepared, and really want this for you, then step right up!

Always prior to treatment, keep your skin free of skin medications. Skip Retin A, Glycolic Acid or other treatments prior to this work. Do your lazer treatments another time of the year, or just wait to have your cosmetic tattoo procedures done. Wait 48hrs before waxing, tinting lashes and brows, electrolysis or lash perming. Although I have eyelined a lovely client who is never without her eyelash extentions, I have asked her to come to her second appointment with bare eyelids, for maximum colour implantation close to the lashline.

Contact lenses are shelved for a couple of days or more  if possible…..bring along the specs for your first appointment. 

Need antibiotics prior to going off to the dentist? Chances are you may need them before these procedures too – have a word with your doctor please.

Are you regularly taking over the counter anesthetics such as Vitamin E, Niacin, St. John’s Wort, Ginko biloba? It is advised to halt those for 3 or 4 days as well, if you can.

It’s an idea to schedule your procedures after your menstral period, that’s if you’re prone to a little tetchiness – when you feel your best and are in good health that’s always the right time for colour implants.

An easy bruiser? Arnica tablets before eyeliner treatments are often swear-bys. Blood thinners are also not designed to make cosmetic tattooing easy. Again, talk to your doctor – it may be you are not  a suitable candidate. Asprin or Ibuprofen can promote bleeding, so choose Panadol or similar an hour before, if you feel you’d  like to. Remember though, we have a range of brilliant anesthetic creams and gels that are used regardless. We also easily arrange a lip blocks (a local anesthetic) which some of my clients love.  Alcohol? Save the celebrations until after your beauty treatments or least 48hrs prior to all procedures. Alcohol and any strong stimulants are hopelessly effective blood thinners

Medical conditions such as hepatitis, type1 diabetes, heart concerns, psoriasis or any blood borne communicable diseases – please advise, you may or may not be suitable for these treatments.

Wait until pregnancy and breast feeding are over. Believe me, the convenience is worth the waiting!

Cold sores, fever or sun blisters will surely be activated by trauma or stress to the skin if you are prone to outbreaks. There are ani-viral medications such as L-Lysine which are taken for 2 wks before treatment, a double dose on the day and the following 7days. Alternatively there is Zovirax ointment or Vectavir cream which again counteract or minimise the occurrence of the above. 

I will also endorse ‘Vital Greens’ to promote fabulous health before and after procedures like these, or in fact for every day regardless.  It’s just one of those products that I’ve seen the results from – astounding!

Cosmetic tattoo is very safe and allergic reactions are rare. If you do suffer allergies however, we are able to perform a simple patch test well prior to treatment.

As you read through the above, you’ll see some written is plain old common sense – but do take the time to be prepared.

See you soon!